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Thu, Jan 15, 2015, 12:10pm (UTC -6)
Re: Star Trek Into Darkness

Orci's "script" for Trek XIII has been scrapped. I believe that production has stopped on the movie (maybe it has now resumed now that there is a director?). Two first-time screenwriters are writing the new screenplay........ Something tells me we are not going to be seeing Star Trek XIII for some time - not until a number of changes in "creative" personnel are again made. Maybe Abrams can only direct mindless action (not necessarily a bad thing; Pauline Kael once said that a director need not be able to direct everything but should at least have a sense of what he cannot direct), but he is at least pretty good at doing so. Justin Lin? The man who "revived" TFATF? From what - post-rigor-Morris to slightly-earlier-in-time post-rigor-Morris? Nicholas Meyer did a TWOK commentary with Manny Coto. Coto asked him if he would ever have any interest in directing another Trek movie. "Yes," Meyer wryly replied. "But only if it's a good one." I think I now know why he won't be having anything to do with Trek XIII. If Trek XIII fails at the box office (clearly, that is the only kind of failure that matters to Paramount now; it will not fail for being either too good or too lame), the movie franchise will be left where it was after movies one, five and ten. Twitching.
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