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Sat, Jan 2, 2021, 2:38am (UTC -6)
Re: ENT S4: Bound

Just finally finished a belated watchthrough of Enterprise. This one was a painfully dumb experience. I get that it's something of a homage to Mudd's Women, but that was possibly the worst example of the rife sexism in TOS, and this didn't have the charm and charisma of Mudd to carry it through. At least it was actual pheremones at work instead of the girls just being hot like in the original, making Kirk's crew the most undisciplined and unproffessional crew in space (and no ending speech about the two types of women, supermodels and domestic types).

I expected Archer to show a bit more discomfort when the Orion guy explicitly mentions buying them. Also for a little more caution considering the last time he took in a sex slave in Season 3, they turned out to be a saboteur, but Enterprise continues to let anyone just wander into the engine room. I was ready to award some point when they stuffed them into decon1 when the truth came out, but rescinded rhem when the immediatlely left 2 men to guard them. I held out faint hope for a subversion of the obvious escape by one of the guards saying something like "I don't think my husband back home would approve". Was also expecting T'pol to just shoot the women when they entered the bridge instead of standing there frowning until Trip comes in to shoot everyone else. Finally, not buying the paper thin excuse they try to trot out about the women really being in charge. That bit of tell contradicts a lot of show.

Looking back at the time capsule of these comments, it's a surprising pit of not even trying to hide it blatant misogyny.
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