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Samantha Bradley
Sun, Mar 3, 2019, 12:41pm (UTC -5)
Re: ORV S2: Identity, Part II

Just two things about this episode that really made it work for me:

1) The epic light show of a FIREFIGHT that you KNOW who the participants are and what they're firing

2) NO RESET BUTTON! This is the big thing here with Isaac: the fact that he won't be welcome back on his home planet, and the fact that he will have to win back the crew's trust (and ESPECIALLY that of the good Doc and her children).

I also loved how the writers and the directors utilized Yaphit and how Claire's son Ty got to be a bit of a hero too
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Samantha Bradley
Mon, Dec 31, 2018, 11:11pm (UTC -5)
Re: ORV S2: Ja'loja

Dave in MN

"Really enjoyed the doctor's plot .... I was pissed at those parents for easily condemning Marcus very easily and calling Claire a liar, so yes, Isaac shutting them down was very satisfying. (Great casting/ acting from all the kids)."

I agree COMPLETELY with your assessment there. Isaac's assmentment was completely on point here. (Trust me, I was rooting for Claire and Marcus the whole time, calling Jody and Nathan's BS.) The sweetest part for me was Claire asking Isaac to be her date for Bortus' Ja'loba. And the acting there was absolutely ON POINT.

"I was ready to hate the character of Cassius immediately (I like Kelly and Ed as a couple), but kudos to the actor for making him likeable and believable."

So was I, until I saw Cassius in his teaching role. Also, I LOVED when Ed came knocking, apologized to him, and showed Cassius how to make it up to Kelly. I think the two had more in common than they realized.

John as Gordon's love advisor? Almost priceless.

"Also, Topa grew!"

I just about forgot about baby Topa. Nice to see him age into a handsome ten-year-old Moclan.

I've been a lurker here for some time, but I watched all 12 episodes of the Orville's first season. And let me say that I really liked ALL the episodes. And I just watched "Ja'loba" for the second time, on demand. I enjoyed it even more than when I watched the premier yesterday. (I wonder if Alara and John were dates together for the event since the near ending showed then together at the piano.)
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Samantha Bradley
Mon, Dec 31, 2018, 10:17am (UTC -5)
Re: ORV S2: Ja'loja

@Dougie yeah. Bortus peed.

My general thoughts on this episode
- Even in 25th century space, racism and the problematic single mother trope is inescapable. What really pissed me off (no pun intended) was Marcus' "friend" James' mom and dad acted so much like they were better than Claire.

- Ed's drive-by past the window of Kelly's quarters? Really?

- The zipper jacket John made for Gordon, and the simulator difficulty from 1 straight to 8.

- And the relationship woes continue for Alara.

All of this leading up to Bortus' Ja'loja (the Great Release). Well, at least we may see something between the captain and Lt. Janel Tyler.
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Samantha Bradley
Sun, Dec 30, 2018, 10:14pm (UTC -5)
Re: ORV S2: General Discussion

Well, it's come and gone. All I will say is that it has something to do with the Great Release 😆
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Samantha Bradley
Sat, Feb 25, 2017, 3:58pm (UTC -5)
Re: VOY S2: Meld

I just watched this episode for the first time and I thought the main part was awesome. About Suder, what I got was: You know Deanna Troi lost her empathic powers only temporarily. Now imagine the Betazoid who never had any empathic powers, who perpetually sees other beings (including, even, himself) as flat, with no dimension whatsoever. (This is what I get when asked if he had any feelings on the matter, Suder says, "Nothing.")

Being as such, I think that for Tuvok to have experienced the extra impact of the meld (struggling even more than usual for a Vulcan to suppress those violent thoughts), Ensign Suder had to have just enough telepathic ability to imprint (or trade) that violent tendency for more self-control. Also, thinking about Suder's punishment makes me think that executing him would have been too easy, so just keep him in isolation under armed guard would be more of a real punishment for him.
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