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Ryan Rabideau
Tue, Apr 23, 2019, 11:28am (UTC -5)
Re: DSC S2: Such Sweet Sorrow, Part 2

Reading through these comments and such... well I'm ruminating on a couple of things...

1) Discovery has suffered by it's breakneck pace, it's lack of "substrate" character development (the bridge crew/etc.) and it's ever increasingly grandiose plot.

Perhaps... the constraint of being a prequel felt like pressure to continually keep the stakes "global". So maybe... just maybe... in season 3... being in a future where most likely the Federation is long long dead... we will see the plot's stakes being more humble... survival/getting back to their time/etc.

That would feel nice...

2) By being in a hostile future with presumably no strategic support, we see Discovery in the same position as Voyager was... but this time perhaps the authors will do a better job of showing Discovery forced to adapt, forced to do more with less... and not be able to spawn infinite numbers of spare shuttle-craft :)

3) By not showing us any of the aftermath for Discovery in the end, they cleverly positioned themselves to remove any actor from the show they'd like. Obviously it would be difficult to justify Michael or Saru... but minor characters like Reno or even Stammets can be justifiably killed off-screen as a casualty of their journey.

I'm not advocating for their removal... just saying that there are real life concerns and more than most shows... Discovery is under intense scrutiny... so being able to make some cast removals etc. for Season 3 keeps them flexible.

4) I wonder if they are learning from the Orville's moderate success. The Orville possess the relaxed "day to day" living scenes that TNG and other Treks were truly known for... if Discovery could slow down the pace JUST enough to let in more of this sort of humanizing moments, I'd really feel better about their terribly convoluted plots.
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