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Sat, Jan 9, 2021, 6:10am (UTC -5) | 🔗
Re: DSC S3: That Hope Is You, Part 2

Really enjoyed this season and thought it was an improvement on season 2 in the same way season 2 Improved on season 1. I actually really enjoyed Season 2 until the end and the whole control storyline.

My only problem with Discovery is the writing isn't very good and this can sometimes spoil the enjoyment.

The move to almost 1000 years into the future has paid off and I think the show is better for it having shrugged of the baggage and constraints of the TOS era. Something I find frustrating is, as Jammer has highlighted, the universe is microscopic. Discovery is the only Starfleet ship we ever see in detail and I would really like to know more about the state of the galaxy. Who are the major powers? Although diminished, Federation Headquarters feels more like a small starbase than the headquarters of an interstellar government and fleet of Starships.

I have really enjoyed the character development in this series and feel like we have got to know the bridge crew better. Ryn, Book, Adira, Grey, Admiral Hance, have been great additions to the cast.

I feel Osyraa was an OK villain. Star Trek is crying out for a new bad which we haven't seen since the likes of Dukat and the Borg/Borg Queen and lasts longer than a single season. I had quite high hopes for this new season to introduce us to a villain, either a race or individual that presented a real threat, interesting, and exciting but this never materialised. In terms of the Emerald Chain, Im still not sure what it is other than an evolved Orion Syndicate and alliance between Orions and Andorians. We only saw one large ship. I got the impression that perhaps the Chain is a capitalist and immoral version of the Federation by the end of the episode but would like to know more.

I was not really surprised at Burnham becoming captain, I think given that she is the focus of Discovery this makes sense.

I thought the Su'kal story was very emotional and interesting. It was heartbreaking that the mother had created this world to protect her child knowing that she would not be around to do so herself. It will be interesting how this impacts on Saru. Will he feel responsibility for Su'kal now and prioritise him over Starfleet.

Overall I though it was an enjoyable season and looking forward to where they go next with Season 4.
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