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Sun, Feb 24, 2019, 4:56am (UTC -5)
Re: DSC S2: The Sound of Thunder

The episode started from "Ok, I guess we can bend the prime directive to initiate first contact with Saru's people because they've seen others use warp technology" and went to "lets biologically modify all the Kelpians at once, inducing horrible pain, hopefully not killing them, and overturning the balance of two species which will inevitably end up with conflict". The captain made this decision after Saru said that they'll establish a peaceful solution whilst just moments ago the evolved Saru has shown aggressive behavioral changes and was confrontational on the bridge and his sister realized that all the loved ones and friends were killed based on a lie. Also the captain questioned, how do we know that you won't exterminate all the goo people? To which Saru replied that the goo people have superior technology. But moments later the technology gets fried by the angel just before they manage to execute their plan to kill all Kelpians. From that point we know nothing about the future of the goo people and their intentions, Kelpians might as well just needle them down while they're vulnerable, or goo people can restore power and manage to kill all Kelpians in a different advanced manner.

Also the motivation of the tar aliens is completely not explored. Is there a reason they can't just warp to another planet to live on? What are the ties with this planet? If they think that Kelpians pose such a threat to their existence why not just eliminate them? How come the balance came to existence?

Complete disregard to the PD and Deus ex Machina galore is what killed this episode for me. Bad writing.
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