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Roger Lynch
Thu, Jul 19, 2012, 2:24pm (UTC -5)
Re: VOY S2: Tuvix

This episode fascinated and repelled me at the same time. Rodenbury would have loved it.
The discusion about a moralic dilema of this class might have thrilled him. I am not that happy about the outcome. Both heros are saved and the new created person is killed. I don´t know what to say.
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Roger Lynch
Thu, Jul 19, 2012, 2:10pm (UTC -5)
Re: VOY S2: Tattoo

Other than the most writers in this block, I always enjoyed this episod. Maybe, because I grew up with the writings of Mr. Erich v. Däniken. I am fifty by now and in the seventies the man´s opinion has been a hype.
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Roger Lynch
Thu, Jul 19, 2012, 1:48pm (UTC -5)
Re: VOY S2: Parturition

This episode is claerly a recycled from the DAKTARI serie of the sixties.
There, Jack and Mick struggeled to often and Dr. Tracy had sent them on an excursion in the desert.
The hereos had an accident with the Jeep. Also they had found some fresh fledged birds. Over the care for them both men found a way to understand and respect each other.
That is exactely the same script.
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