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Robert Picard is the answer
Sat, Jul 1, 2017, 10:34am (UTC -6)
Re: DS9 S6: Honor Among Thieves

Uhm... Bilby does it for its family, ok... Following the duck test, Bilby looks like a human, has a name like a human, so he's a human (earthling). Sooooooo...
My 1 mln dollar question is: WHY THE HELL? Is him retarded? Why a 24ther earthling should live a so risky life to help (economically) his (earthling) family?
Vash was annoyed by Daystrom's and Federation's standards, and searchs for pure archaeological adventure, breaking some rules. Is passion, and I can understand... I can also understand people (earthlings) of Turkana-4, fond of their homeworld, even if it is a half-destroyed town on a unhabited planet. But Bilby and his wife? Why? It seems that Bilby dislikes this life, so... WHY? A personal holodeck for porn tales? A personal Galaxy starship? A moon nearby Gaila's one? Is him a latinum's collector (as for stamps)?
Uhm... Wouldn't be easier this?
*LIAM: Honey, New Sidney despite its "Federal" name is only a sort of Trill/Ferengi polluted mining colony. Shall we go back Earth and do whatever we want, without any economics/health/welfare problem for the eternity?
*MORICA: Of course, New Sydney sucks! And Starfleet is far better than NSPD. Let's go away from this crappy stone!

Resolved! OMG... I always thing that 24ther Earthlings, sometimes, are too stupid to understand how lucky they are. They want to suffer! "Omg, how stupid is this ambassador, and how bothersome is this admiral!" So... LEAVE - THE - FLEET - AND - CULTIVATE - SOME - VINEYARD - ON - EARTH! DUMB! In the morning you work in Labarre (France), in the afternoon you can go by the sea with your wife in CancĂșn (Mexico), in the evening you can see a moving desert sunset in Faya Largeau (Chad)... And next week: RISA! Nope, Orion Syndicate on Farius Prime! Cuz Farius has badassic suspended monorails!
I'm getting more and more convinced than the smartest man on the whole Federation is ROBERT PICARD (not the doctor, Jean-Luc's "strange-lips" brother). And also the luckiest: just take a look to this 60er redneck with a "lip's parkinson" and... Take a look to his wife! Is Marie "unknown surname" Picard blind? Or maybe she shares the strange partner tastes of Lwaxana and Janeway. Maybe.

Or this episode is another allegory: Humans like to suffer more than Klingons.

PS: I know thar Robert died on that "flight", but this confirms my theory. The day he decided to give Starfleet a possibility (for his son, ok) the luck ENDS. Immediatly! With the ONLY fire control accident on Earth in CENTURIES (apart that one caused by Q to that Q+Human couple).

R.I.P. Robert Picard, the only Federal person who really understand how to live in the 24th century: no bothersome head offices, no maphia, no money, no diseases. A ground to hoe, a wine to get drunk and make a funny brawl with your brother. Injured in the brawl cuz you're 60 y.o.? Don't worry: just 8 seconds of tricorder and u can get as a teenager :-D
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