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Thu, Apr 12, 2018, 7:18pm (UTC -5)
Re: DS9 S3: Equilibrium

I’d watch an episode of just Odo helping out Chef Sisko.
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Richard Wadd
Thu, Mar 22, 2018, 10:58am (UTC -5)
Re: VOY S2: Dreadnought

I actually didn't think this episode was that bad but like Jammer said, the ending was predictable. We all knew that there was no way Voyager would blow up nor would the planet be destroyed. We knew that Torres was going to find a way to destroy the missile so Voyager couldn't even use the technology. The ending was ok with Torres using her phaser to take out the core but honestly, I thought a more smarter ending would have been cooler (Like Janeway did to the clown). Would have been smart for Torres to trick the missile's logic somehow. I agree, there were some plot holes. Like the set up of Paris which went no where. Also, what happened to the turn coat crew member who was trying to reach Seska? He was telling the Kazon about it. You'd think the Kazon would have been there to try and take the missile but that never happened.

However, it was still a enjoyable episode. I agree with the other reviewer who said that he prefers these type of engineering episodes of Torres compared to her "I can't control my Klingon rage" type episodes. I prefer smart episodes with engineering ingenuity than pure physical, weapons blazing, violence only solution type (obviously not all the time though, space battles and fist fights are always cool). So I rather enjoyed the hypothetical games Torres tried playing etc.

I also liked that Janeway was willing to sacrifice the Voyager for the planet and her self destruct commencement reminded me of Star Trek III: The search for Spock when Kirk did the same thing. My dad made a good comment. Shouldn't Tuvok have been with Torres? I get that he's security but as a Vulcan he had to go through rigorous logic training. She could have found a way for him to be there. Like my Dad said, Spock would have been there. Or Torres should have at least had a discussion with Tuvok. I know this is a side note but shouldn't 90% of Star Fleet Vulcans be science or Engineering officers? Security never made too much sense for me with Tuvok but whatever.

Regardless I thought it was a solid episode. Like Jammer said very neutral not great but not terrible.
Regardless still a fun
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Rick C
Sat, Mar 3, 2018, 9:46pm (UTC -5)
Re: TNG S4: Half a Life

RIP David Ogden Stiers! Sad news today.
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Sat, Feb 17, 2018, 1:22pm (UTC -5)
Re: DSC S1: Will You Take My Hand?


If you are considering doing a limited reviewing project in the interim, may I suggest Joss Whedon's "Firefly": it's only 12 episodes long and considered one of the greatest SF shows of all time. It's well worth your time and we'd love to hear your reviews of it. I think it's on Netflix, Hulu, and such.
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Wed, Feb 14, 2018, 4:33pm (UTC -5)
Re: Star Wars: The Last Jedi

There is something to be said for striking when the iron is hot though.
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Mon, Feb 12, 2018, 8:45pm (UTC -5)
Re: DSC S1: Will You Take My Hand?

The war storyline should have continued into season 2, and we should have had more of captain Georgiou, with the inevitable confrontation being put off for later. An episode ends with Burnham saying "You're not Georgiou", and stabbing her.

They should have definitely committed some terrorism on Quonos, and on other worlds, just not to the scale that they were describing. Idealism's great and everything, but sometimes it needs to be challenged, and it shouldn't always win.

Also, if you're going to have someone give a corny speech, at least have them face the crowd, for god's sake!

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Tue, Feb 6, 2018, 11:16am (UTC -5)
Re: DSC S1: The War Without, The War Within


I found Season 1-2 of DS9 to be boring and cheesy, but to each his own I guess. 3-4 duds would be considered a lot these days, wouldn't it? Imagine DSC had 4 duds? CANCELLED!

I don't even remember "The Defector"...maybe I didn't see that one? You're making me want to go back and watch some TNG...
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Tue, Feb 6, 2018, 10:32am (UTC -5)
Re: DSC S1: The War Without, The War Within

"I watched TNG's "The Enemy" last night and Picard just kills it in that one"

Patrick Stewart was a Shakespearean actor before he did Star Trek. Those actors are of a higher calibre than others, since Shakespeare acting is so challenging, so it's not really fair to compare Sonequa Martin Green to him.

Her acting would be considered wooden if it weren't for her "raised by vulcans" back-story. Which makes me wonder how casual watchers who don't know what a Vulcan is will receive this show.
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Mon, Feb 5, 2018, 3:10pm (UTC -5)
Re: DS9 S5: Looking for Par'mach in All the Wrong Places

Opening quote was correct the first time - "this is ridiculous".
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Ricky C
Sun, Feb 4, 2018, 4:46pm (UTC -5)
Re: TNG S1: Skin of Evil

I loved the post earlier about the “wrath of Armus” it would be an Armusgedden!
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Sat, Feb 3, 2018, 2:08pm (UTC -5)
Re: DSC S1: What's Past Is Prologue

Just another good quality but non-Trek episode in a non-Trek show.

Also, I laughed at Jammer's sentence "But nope; he's a broad xenophobic caricature, showing the writers taking the laziest bad-guy route possible". Because, you know, there's a shortage of broad xenophobic figures to talk about in our days.
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Frederick Lang
Sun, Jan 21, 2018, 10:16pm (UTC -5)
Re: DSC S1: Vaulting Ambition

When I was 10 episodes or so into the show, I thought of my ranking of worst to best captains. My list went as so:

6.) Janeway
5.) Archer
4.) Lorca
3.) Kirk
2.) Picard
1.) Sisko

A character from the Mirror Universe has more interesting aspects and elements about himself to me than actual Starfleet captains.

I'm kind of upset that this ultimately was the way his character was going. A man who was originally seen as a no-nonsense militaristic captain of a warship who struggled with regret and PTSD is actually just an eeeeeeeeevil Mirror character. I really hope they find Prime Lorca and that Michael doesn't become the captain, because I'm sick of this show trying to get me to continuously like a character by forcing her into every episode, scene and conflict.

The Georgio plotline was kind of head-scratching to me too. Why would the Emperor of the Mirror Universe put so much faith and interest in Michael and potentially damage her entire empire with Lorca running around?

The Stamets plotline was heartbreaking and interesting though, and it makes a lot of tidbits makes sense now, like how Lorca hit that override key on the DASH drive jump and why Lorca ordered Stamets to develop the DASH drive on his own.

2 and a half stars for Vaulting Ambition for me. The progressing storyline for the Mirror Universe Arc is hitting a snag in terms of developing the story and characters at a good enough pace without complete character assassination (like Lorca). I hope that this is the same case with Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum, in which that it's a smaller build-up episode for a story arc finale.
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Thu, Jan 18, 2018, 6:20pm (UTC -5)
Re: DSC S1: The Wolf Inside

Where the hell is Admiral Cornwell!? They rescued her before entering the MU, why don't we see her at all?
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Patrick D
Sun, Jan 14, 2018, 9:16pm (UTC -5)
Re: DSC S1: The Wolf Inside

I think I'm going to watch "The Measure of a Man" or "The Inner Light" on Blu ray and mournfully remember what Star Trek used to be...
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Sat, Jan 13, 2018, 1:48pm (UTC -5)
Re: VOY S7: Renaissance Man

@Ben Sisko,

I just got done watching all seasons of Voyager and it is easily the weakest of the shows with the exception of Enterprise. Character development was poor, most of the shows had no long-term impact on the story arc and the seasons felt less inspired as time went on. Even the chemistry on the set seemed to go backward by the end. And instead of building to some type of climax, we get a two-hour finale that appears to come out of nowhere.

Sorry, Ben, but I agree that Voyager was a disappointment.
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Patrick D
Wed, Jan 10, 2018, 7:58pm (UTC -5)
Re: DSC S1: Despite Yourself

The Mirror Universe has become a new crutch for Star Trek. I'm so glad TNG avoided the MU during its 7 year/4 movie run. (and the TNG MU comic book miniseries is non-canon so it doesn't count)
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Frederick Lang
Sun, Jan 7, 2018, 8:39pm (UTC -5)
Re: DSC S1: Despite Yourself


That aside, today's episode was an amazing entrance into the new arc that I'm glad is taking place (the Klingon War got a little too ridiculous and quickly resolved). After watching shows like Arrow and The Flash, it's always fun to see what characters do and how they act in a "mirror" or "alternative" universe, this case with Tilly being the captain.

3.5/4 for me. Keep the hotstreak going from the last episode as well Discovery. #FuckTheHaters
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Fri, Jan 5, 2018, 3:32pm (UTC -5)
Re: Star Wars: The Last Jedi

The prequels gave us numerous new environments and vehicles. I agree that they weren't good films, but they had a ton of world-building. As did the old novels. World-building in Disney's films is almost non-existent as shown by the fact that both sides are still using X-wings and tie fighters. And we are still hearing about death star tech. It's a symptom of the obsession with nostalgia which is making so many Hollywood products feel hollow. Even Stranger Things, a pretty good show, leans way too heavily on 80s nostalgia to be great.

I think another real problem with these films is the way the overt feminist bent is coming through. In Episode VII, the only one of the big three who is presented as having had a passable life is Leia. Han has regressed, as has Luke. And Finn is almost completely disposable after breaking Poe out of his cell. The script for Episode VIII has Finn and Poe fail or make mistakes over and over. I like strong female characters - that's why I'm such a fan of the way Leia was presented in the radio dramas. But in these films, as with Voyager, it seems like there is no alpha male hero, only alpha females. This is pretty clearly Kathleen Kennedy's doing. I'll agree with the subset of disgruntled fans from the old days who feel she was the wrong choice to run Lucasfilm in spite of her impressive career.
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Jericho Drakane
Wed, Dec 20, 2017, 9:02pm (UTC -5)
Re: Star Wars: The Last Jedi

For me, this movie was definitely better than TFA for a variety of reasons. Yes, it wasn't perfect, and I don't think it lives up to the originals (my theater showed scenes from the original trilogy before starting the show). However, it had its own identity and took risks, which I don't think that TFA did.

For me, the two strongest parts of this film were Luke and Kylo Ren (despite Ren's stupid lightsaber).

For Luke, I enjoyed seeing his new capacity as a teacher, and the talk with Yoda was great. R2D2 was somewhat underutilized, but I really liked the callback to A New Hope with playing the old video for Luke to watch. Luke's final scene with the confrontation with Ren was just epic (WITHOUT resorting to a massive lightsaber duel, no less).

Previously, I really didn't enjoy the whiny Ren in TFA. He never felt like a threat from the moment he took off his helmet. The development he got in this film felt like it game him something that set him apart from being Just Another Sith Dude. His almost nihilistic attitude in wanting to "kill the past" gives him something like a core belief build a proper villain character around for the next movie.

To a lesser extent, I like that Rey seems to be going in a more Grey Jedi route here, and I hope that it holds true for the future. Changing the dynamic for this trilogy from Light vs Dark to something else, like Balance vs Nothing (or what have you) could help establish these movies as being truly different from the originals.

Negatives? Sure. I think Snoke was underplayed for what he was supposed to be, and I'd like to see more information about him come up later. Also, this movie managed to take from both Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi at the same time, and here's hoping that they've run out of material to copy from (please don't start stealing ideas from the prequels).
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Mon, Dec 18, 2017, 11:17pm (UTC -5)
Re: VOY S7: Endgame

This final episode looked to me like they decided, since they had to put it together quickly and weren't sure where they were going, and as Jammer pointed out, to take All Good Things and redo many elements of that ending episode adapted to Voyager.

In All Good Things you have the three Picards from each of the different time periods as compared to the two Janeways in this episode. The difference is that while the three Picards are all sharing the same thoughts and never meet, the two Janeways meet but aren't sharing thoughts the way the Picards did.

In All Good Things you get an idea of what happened to the crew of the Enterprise decades in the future, but it turns out that what you see may not happen. At the poker game at the end it is pointed out that since the Picards were successful, that they are not locked into the future as we saw it and their Picard told the crew about. In this Voyager episode we are shown what happens to the crew in the future that is shown, but then it is clear that the future as shown will not happen.

In All Good Things a major antagonist from the series is brought back, in that case Q. In this Voyager episode, the major antagonist that is brought back is the Borg. And since in The Next Generation it was Q who originally introduced the Enterprise to the Borg, the entire thing sort of comes full circle.

In All Good Things, the one particular missing character in the future is Deanna Troi. They point out that she was somehow killed and that Riker and Worf had a feud that was ongoing because of it. In this Voyager episode Chakotay and Seven were somehow going to be killed in the future.

And the final action resolution in All Good Things was the three Enterprises coming together in a blaze of glory to resolve the problem. In this Voyager episode we have Voyager coming through in a blaze of explosive glory to come back to the Alpha Quadrant and destroy the transwarp hub.

And finally, you have Janeway saying, "We did it," which was kind of analogous to Picard saying, "The skies the limit."

In the end, for me, I think this ending to Voyager was not satisfying because, unlike All Good Things, the crew of Voyager could not return to normal. Their time as this family on Voyager was coming to an end. Maybe if the transwarp hub had deposited them so that they still had a year to go before getting home, they would have had time to celebrate on the ship and get mentally prepared to arrive home rather, than, all of a sudden being there. In All Good Things, what happens is that they do go back to normal. In fact, the only difference is that Picard has now joined the poker game. I liked Troi's line that he was always welcome. Perhaps if they could have had some sort of analogous final scene in this final Voyager episode, the ending would have been more satisfying.
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Tue, Dec 12, 2017, 4:23pm (UTC -5)
Re: TNG S1: When the Bough Breaks

It does seem strange to me, that given the multi-ethnicity and multi-species acceptance that drives much of the narrative for this show, that of all the children taken were all white. No blacks, no Aisians, no one of color. I’m not saying that there was a racist intent but it does seem odd.
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Mon, Dec 11, 2017, 9:49am (UTC -5)
Re: ORV S1: New Dimensions

As someone who used to be in the navy, I can't make sense of Lamarr being given the CHENG position. In a navy, you have these things called trades: There's engineers, navigators, people who work in comms/ops, etc.. Now I know that a sci-fi navy might work differently, but the 'trades' idea would be the same. The doctor is trained as a doctor, the navigator would have to go back and retrain if he wanted to become an engineer. Also: Isn't Lamarr a department head already? I don't understand that either: How is that under-achieving, and in getting him to fill the chief engineer position, aren't they losing another department head in the process?
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Sun, Nov 26, 2017, 9:04pm (UTC -5)
Re: TOS S1: The City on the Edge of Forever

I always loved Spock's electric gizmo for playing back
his tricorder (couldn't he have hit the slow play
Button) but the Jacobs ladder was a bit much.
Come on -- this isn't Frankenstein.
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Sat, Nov 25, 2017, 12:47am (UTC -5)
Re: DS9 S4: Homefront

At 3:05 in the episode Warf mentions the time-code of the bombing as 5-9-11. This makes my head hurt.

Anyone else pickup on this?
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Tue, Nov 14, 2017, 9:56am (UTC -5)
Re: ORV S1: Cupid's Dagger

Why would a species that reproduces by mitosis have sexual desires? Why am I nitpicking a comedy show?
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