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Mon, May 22, 2017, 6:24pm (UTC -6)
Re: TNG S6: Chain of Command, Part I

What galls me about this episode is the marginalization of Commander Riker by the abrasive Admiral Nechayev, and the capable, yet arrogant Captain Jellico. These two officers very conveniently forgot the fact that as Captain of the Enterprise, William Riker with the help of his First Officer Commander Shelby defeated the Borg, and rescued Captain Picard (Who had been abducted by the Borg and turned into Locutus ). Also, thanks to Captain Riker, he saved the Earth and what was left of the Federation fleet after it lost 39 ships to the Borg. This is probably the reason Riker stayed aboard the Enterprise and reverted to Commander as he would have had to wait quite a while before a ship was available for him to command as Captain. Speculation on my part. Among the numerous individuals who owed their lives to Riker after the Borg were beaten were Nechayev and Jellico. Hell of a way to treat Riker after what he did! Temporary amnesia, perhaps? Consequently, Jellico's treatment of Riker was insulting, after Jellico privately told Picard after Number One left the ready room: Now I know why he's still a First Officer, or words to that effect. It would have been nice if Picard had reminded Jellico that Riker commanded the Enterprise during the fight against the Borg! The Borg were a lot more deadly and formidable than the Cardassians, and Riker would have been up to the job of dealing with them. I am an honorably discharged Army Veteran (Sergeant/E5), and encountered officers like the fictional Jellico in the service. Although I respected their professionalism and rank, I had no use for them otherwise. Naturally, I conducted myself as a good soldier should and kept my disdain for the "Jellico Officers" to myself, pardon the digression. I give Jellico credit for ordering Troi out of that ugly jumpsuit and into a proper uniform, otherwise I did not like the character. As I recall, after Jellico turned over command of the Enterprise back to Picard he said to the bridge crew that it was a pleasure to serve with them, and the personnel on the bridge just looked at him. Thanks for reading this. Feel free to disagree, but I stand by my words.
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