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Wed, Apr 19, 2017, 2:38pm (UTC -5)
Re: TNG S7: Thine Own Self

I'm sorry, as a scientist, this episode STINKS! Worst TNG episode I ever saw. I mean the Troi part doubly stinks (would you trust someone with such a low technical knowledge being in charge of your spaceship??)

A lot of you on this thread have portrayed the Data-on-the-planet story as being about how his superior reasoning skills could lead him to modern science, without any experiential knowledge (no memory).

That is so unscientific!

Consider the incident at the school. The teacher gives a lesson on the earth-fire-air-water theory of matter, ala the Ancient Greeks. Data then claims her "reasoning is false". That is not true! The theory could be correct, it could be false. The only way to check is by an EXPERIMENT! One cannot arrive at the modern conception of elemental atomic matter by "pure thought alone". Plato and the ancient Greeks were superb logicians. If one could disprove the earth-fire-air-water theory using only pure reasoning, they would have done so!!

The only acceptable thing for Data to do in that school lesson is to frown quizzically and say "An interesting idea. Let us attempt to falsify your theory. Let us burn a piece of wood in a sealed glass jar, and then carefully weigh the constituents before and after. If the smoke was present in the air already before the wood started burning, then the mass of the constituents before and after should be equal. "
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