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Original Greg
Wed, Jun 12, 2019, 11:27pm (UTC -5)
Re: TOS S3: Spectre of the Gun

I thought this was a fair though not great episode if for no other reason that the fact, noted by other commenters, that this episode had a Twilight Zone feel to it. It pretty much was Roddenberry meets Serling. I think it rates about 2.5 stars.
I haven't read all the comments on this page but I'm a bit surprised that no one seems to have mentioned that DeForest Kelly had been in two separate remakes of Gunfight at the O.K. Corral prior to this one.
I have to kind of suspect that they had a partial Western stage set up and the writers were asked to somehow incorporate it into an episode. The fact that Kelly had been in two previous incarnations of the O.K. Corral had to be the genesis for this episode.
It's main weakness does seem to be that there just wasn't enough dialogue to fill 50 minutes so there seemed to be a bit of fluff here and there. And the Western characters all had a cardboard cutout quality to them but that may have been the intention to add to the surreal effect.
As for the commenter that objected to Spock knowing about a 400 year old piece of Earth history....come on, it's Spock. It fits his character perfectly. He's half Vulcan, a species that is mentally superior to humans. And he is half human, so he would have a special interest in humanity. And the guy was a genius by any standards, so yeah he has Earth history down pat. And if all that isn't enough he under goes ponn farr just once every seven years. Just think how much smarter the average guy would be if he didn't spent so much time and energy on sex.
And in the final, errie shootout scene did any one notice that the off camera wind machine had to be turned up to high and was blowing 90 degrees to the path of the supposed bullets? This was because the shots were being fired point blank at the actors and they needed a high wind speed to deflect any blast debris away from them.
And I have to say the best comment on this page was given by the guy that said, "There is no spoon." Perfect!
Finally, for what it's worth I have noticed that there is another commenter on this site named Greg so I have changed my nick to Original Greg.
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