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Omitten High Lird6
Tue, Nov 12, 2019, 5:53am (UTC -5)
Re: ANDR S1: The Sum of Its Parts

I would have to disagree with the 2 star rating, O would give it atleast 3 stars...Reasons? Well I listed them below;
1. While yes the Consensus of Parts, has a remarkable similarity to the Borge Collective, it lacked a very vital part where the Borge want to "consume" or "assimilate" all life hell conquer all soly to "upgrade" itself, the Consensus wishes only to "assimilate" other machines or spare parts (all be it for only specific tasks), and for the most part assume a neutral stance (all be it more of a Neutral-evil ailnment) towards other lifeforms and lacks a distinctive need/want to consume all things.
2. I am not a huge star trek fan nor an Andromeda super fan, I find the physical appearance of both the Borg and the Consensus "drones" quite different from one another and not just due to budget differences, meaning Borg drones, ships and equipment are very uniform, perpiusly designed for unitary and functional purpose, where as the two Consensus Drones we see could not be more different from one another one very intimidating and functional while the other seemed very nonfunctional and deliberately designed to seem passive aggressive. As for the ships nothing close to cubes and spheres not even aesthetically pleasing, I would even argue not even functionality, a bit excessive and intimidating, sole purpose to look bigger than life titanicly designed for the sole purpose of intimidating its opponents nothing more nothing less. Quite the opposite of what the Borge field in the Star trek universe.
3. While I did think as far as the Andromeda universe goes they kind of underrepresented the effect the crew of the Andromeda actually had on poor HG and OC-1, one would think such a strong plot tie would reappear again on the shows and future seasons of the Andromeda, for example the OC-1 could have had a huge place in the Reformation of the Commen Wealth, bringing in a more unique type of AI into thier ranks, they could have played a much bigger role in the Commen Wealths development, serving as advisers, reservist (planetary security forces) and most importantly in infrastructure development (aka great engineering drones) which would have shown a much better separation from thier more Borgish supposed copy cat, which they are accused of being.
I could definitely see so much more potential of both the Outcast and the Collective Consensus factions.
4. Finally yes I could see the originality of the HG/humanity vs. Collective/borg suffered some on this episode but is thier really any way to really change the center theme, it really can only be played out in very similar ways, of which I think the writers of the Andromeda series did very good at if not lost some very good potential in another minor plot twist to add to the armory that is the Andromeda Universe.
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