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Wed, Dec 31, 2008, 1:47pm (UTC -5)
Re: Star Trek: First Contact

Nice Review. I too thought this was right up there with Wrath of Khan. And yes, the Borg Queen kind of detracts from the whole soul-less, emotionless, hive mind concept, but I think it was a necessary vehicle to make them more accessible to the non-trek audience. Plus, I think that to come up with a creative, non-contrived, plot development to defeat them might have taken a lot more screen time and slowed the pace of the film.

My other comment has to do with the wonderful use of the final scene in First Contact as a starting point for the "Evil Earth Empire" in the "Mirror Universe" episode of ST: Enterprise. In my opinion, one of the handful of "keeper" episodes in that otherwise ill-conceived ST spinoff.
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