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Tue, Jun 5, 2018, 7:31am (UTC -5)
Re: TNG S5: Time's Arrow, Part I

I have to say that whilst a lot of the comments here I find myself agreeing with in retrospect and many years on, and yet this 2 parter is by far my favourite of any trek episodes. Its not that BOBW doesn't kick all sorts of rear ends, cos it does, and it's not like AGT was a let down (if you are gonna go out, go out kicking, I say, and did they ever), but there is so much Data in this episode that I can't help loving it. I very much enjoy "Thine own Self" for that reason also.

The devastation of the crew at the thought of losing Data mirrored my own, and frankly, it was handled better here than in the movies (do not get me started on Insurrection).

It's fun, its thoughtful, and it hits me in the feels every time.

Yes the sets in the past suck badly, yes the guy that plays Twain is overbearing (but he really does look the part and is a fantastic actor, just wish he was quieter, literally not shouting every line), yes I too wondered how realistic it was for even a very wealthy woman who looks like Guinan to be accepted in that society (be nice / horrible to think that would have made a difference), and I agree the bits set in the TNG present were poorly handled once the focus shifted to Data in the past, but I only cared what was happening with him, so I didn't pay that much attention to that. But if I had to only ever watch 2 episodes of TNG ever again (you all got shivers of revulsion at that thought?, I know I do) it would be Times Arrow every time.
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Mon, Mar 14, 2016, 9:50am (UTC -5)
Re: TNG S7: All Good Things...

Thanks for all these reviews. Like a poster way, way above this post,it made me realise again "God, I love TNG". I didn't hate S7 as much as some, but I'm a forgiving sort. I remember that, back in the day Western Australia was waaay behind in showing TNG and I would go with my mates to a local university where they would rent out a lecture theatre and (in direct contravention of copyright policy - suck it thought police) show episodes of TNG (and eventually DS9 and Voy).

When I saw AGT, on the big screen (as it were) I was so happy and so sad. I still had regular eps of S7 to go on free to air TV, but I had seen the best episode of the season (and one of my all time faves) and so I knew they would disappoint. Worse yet, it would END.

Josh, a mate of mine who was the only guy I knew who actually studied nuclear physics (but now can't show his face on TV because he's a dentist) said to me one night "you know, I think of all of this as real. Like it's real history that just hasn't happened yet". Couldn't agree more, even now.

Like Neil, form the Pet Shop Boys says, the best songs can often be rubbish. It's not so much that a song (or in this case a TV show) is necessarily brilliantly written, or sung (or acted) - though some obviously are. Sometimes it's the "rubbishy pop record" that captures for you so completely what it was like for you at the time or in that place where you loved it so much, be they happy times or sad , that really stays with you. I think TNG was very strong a lot of the time and occasionally total bollocks, but the net effect is transcendant.

Generations was the first time I went to see a Star Trek Movie with female friends. We were all so excited. And then it sucked. So, so much. But even now, when I see it (by accident, I haven't deliberately subjected myself to it for years) I am transported back to that magical night of expectation and high hopes. And, like other firsts, a group of weary, bedraggled and disappointed ladies looking at me with pity afterwards.

Lol........... true story, sadly. :)

Anyway, thanks Jammer. I'll be back again when I re watch the re watchable.
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Wed, Feb 24, 2016, 2:01am (UTC -5)
Re: TNG S7: Journey's End

I never warmed too much to this episode. not a massive Wesley fan, but there were a couple of times I thought he did a good job without being annoying. It does bug me, though that even in the future with better access to education and so forth, and surrounded by professional astronauts and clever aliens, and computers and Androids, simply being an exceptionally clever human (even by those lofty standards) isn't a sufficient reason for him to be so clever. He's got to turn out to be a once in 24 centuries ubermensch into the bargain. It bugs me for the same reason that Quantum Leap's Sam Becket character having to be in control of his own leaping bugs me. Its not enough that he's the new Einstein, the oldest boy scout, Bruce Lee and Liberace all in one, he's gotta be in control of his leaps too? (read the tie in books and tell me Ziggy isn't GTFW in charge of them all).

If I was an exceptional human, I'd be even more annoyed. What does a human have to do to get credit.
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Wed, Feb 24, 2016, 1:23am (UTC -5)
Re: TNG S7: Masks

Have to disagree with you on this review, Jammer.
There are not many episodes of TNG that I hate, though there are some that I think are measurably less good than others. Having re-watched Masks last night, I was struck , not by any suckiness, or incoherence of plot (I will say I thought that a society who could build the device in the comet , which is technologically comparable if not superior to the Enterprise may have moved past such simple allegorical stories, but then our messages to the universe are simple too, by necessity), but by the fact that for once, when he wasn't playing 'straight man Data' I was impressed by Brent Spiner's performance.

I ordinarily hate him playing anyone else (in part because he is sooo good as Data), and because I find him less convincing as a human being. I thought in Masks, that his portrayal of the other characters was great. The trickster, Ehot was a bit irritating, but those archetypes roll that way, but the other 'inhabitants' were goosebump material.

I'm also realizing (I've been re-watching them all) in Season 7 that Michael Dorn is a tremendously under-rated actor. Even under all the prosthetics he as a remarkable degree of charisma and gravitas. They really should have done more Worfisodes. This episode is a great example of him being given absolutely sod-all to work with and doing a great job of it.
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