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Fri, Jun 10, 2016, 10:17pm (UTC -5) | 🔗
Re: VOY S3: Distant Origin

Yanks it's clearly both.

Robert, you speak like a good comrade. Socialism and communism are diseases of the mind, soul, and natural order. When the wealth creators decide to stop, we get recessions and depressions. I for one look forward to compassionate conservatives swinging the pendulum back a bit. It's going to happen. So Suck it Up, buttercup.
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Sun, Jun 5, 2016, 1:10am (UTC -5) | 🔗
Re: VOY S3: Distant Origin

So most everyone seems to agree that the Saurians are very advanced. Beyond the pale.

And yet most will give NO credit to how this advanced civilization came to be. This is relativism at its finest. The way the Saurians live, their Doctrine and tradition, are what has allowed them to flourish. It is these key elements that must be given direct credit for what they've accomplished.

And is the New Truth a direct threat to their future? It certainly is. Especially as it's unproven, and Gegen shows scientific overreach on several occasions. "Matriarchal Society" is one obvious example. Evolutionary overreach is another.

Is their future worth subverting for this new potential truth? Now that is what this episode is truly about. It is a question of early adoption of something new, or holding on to what is working.

An example in US culture, are the ideals that we hold to be self evident, which have been derived from classic Christian values. All and everything the US has done, good and bad, has had this theology as a root. Most of our laws are based on it, most of our common sense is directly attributable to it, and when someone says they intuitively know "right from wrong" - they are promoting it regardless of whether they understand that fact.

And for this, we are the beacon of the world. We are the country that people want to break in to. We are the country that patrols all the waterways of the world. We are the country to which all currencies are pegged. We are the country that other countries make commentary on our leadership during election cycles in an attempt to influence. Like it or not, the modern world is us, and because of us. The US. And yes, during WW2, we were the only ones that changed the inevitability of what was happening. And everyone still owes us, or those Christians who died did so for nothing, and most countries do not come to our aid when attacked. 9/11 showed our few real allies.

Our Christian tradition. Those values. Right from wrong. Not moral relativism. Not throwing out the pledge. Not becoming a godless nation. Not succumbing to illegal invasion. Not taxing our wealth generators to death for those who will not participate.

I may be the only person willing to understand and take the sides of the Saurians. Sometimes, there is more good in tradition than relativIsm. And I'll apply that to bathroom usage as well.

Long live the Voth, and their Doctrine, and their successes.
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