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Sun, Jan 29, 2017, 5:13pm (UTC -5) | 🔗
Re: ENT S4: Observer Effect

This is one brilliant episode. This is pretty much what defines Star Trek for me - yes, SI Viruses are bogus, and although i am one of those ST-Fans that love the Technobabble, this is one of the exceptions i really don't care.

And i agree with Wisq for most of his wonderful write up - with a slight exception. I don't think, Archer and Phlox are Hypocritical. There is a difference between changing two Species, and getting involved in their normal development in getting "one Species". That would be like - as it was an example in that episode - giving the Homo Sapiens an advantage or disadvantage.

But that's not what the Organians did and it's a very different situation. If Star Trek has taught me one thing it's that not one single situation is black an white and there is always more to what meets the eye. Giving the Homo Sapiens an advantage or an disadvantage is completely game changing.

Using Wisq's example about the Island, this would be like the Federation stepping in to relief the suffering - but not letting them know why. "Miraculous healing" would also spark that curiosity, the leap in finding a cure for something, that nobody ever has seen. It would take a bit longer, but it's no where near what happened in "Dear Doctor", because i am with Hoshi, regarding who the Valakians treated the Menk, and especially after the reaction from the Valakians, when they where told that the Menk are actually pretty intelligent and so on - bottom line is: Asking for the (metaphorical) Cure and the Warpdrive was not something Archer did in this Episode. Getting back to the Island, they would have been cured by the Federation - but they have no idea, why. Yes, it's an interference, but that's more like caring for the broken bone in the wing of a bird - the bird isn't going to depend on you. So is the interference from the organians. It's not something that will be changing the history of humanity (well, actually, if Archer would have died...well, it probably would have infuriated Daniels ;) ), or the course of humanity.

It also doesn't make a difference if Phlox would have found the cure to heal the captain - or if Starfleet Medical will find one in a few months from the Episode. But Hoshis, Archers and Trips deaths are not necessary for that cure.
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