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Thu, Dec 3, 2020, 7:10am (UTC -5) | 🔗
Re: DSC S3: Unification III

I came across this site years back while looking at reviews for Battlestar Galactica while it was airing. Since then I have been reading the reviews and have loved looking back at the old reviews and comments for TNG, DS9 and Voyager.

(particularly great to read back in April, May & June when we had a very tough lockdown here in the UK and I was and still am working from home)

I have never felt this site had problems with strong women. Battlestar Galactica had a female Starbuck while keeping all the personality traits of the original male character. That was back in 2004 and a lot of people found it difficult to accept this. But the character was well written, Katee Sackoff is a great actor and was given good material by the writers and so was able to overcome most of the criticisms and prejudices. That show had a lot of other strong female characters played by great actors. Star Trek as a whole has strong female characters who are very much part of the story and I have never felt that any of the comments have had anti-female bias.

I myself am a Muslim and female. The only time I found myself uncomfortable at reading the comments on this site were in the comments section for a TNG episode with Ensign Ro and Bajor's occupation by the Cardassions. There was a comparison with the Palestinian situation and remarks were made about Islam, terrorism etc. Another commentator did hit back at the original comment which kinda made me feel slightly better. Up until that point I had for some reason always assumed that Sci-Fi loving people on these websites were all liberal and tolerant, mainly I suppose these were the ideals of the Federation and the show we all loved. But I realised that was an assumption on my part. Therefore despite the fact that I have said above I don't think criticisms of Burnham have an anti-female bias and ST has always had strong female characters I will admit we don't know what sub-conscious bias people may have. And yes most people on this site are probably are white males...or is that another assumption on my part.
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Fri, Nov 27, 2020, 7:09pm (UTC -5) | 🔗
Re: DSC S3: Unification III

Okay only my second ever comment on this forum. Always love reading everyone's analysis and comments etc etc. Most of what I am about to comment has more or less been said by everyone else but this is me getting this this rant out of my system. Also I know this is supposed to be about the 7th episode but as I said I don't usually comment, so this is me getting it all out.

About 6 weeks ago we finally got Amazon Prime here in the UK and finally watched Picard. Watched the whole show in about 10 days and then went straight into the 3rd season of Discovery. Picard had its issues and faults but oh my it was just so much better in many ways to Discovery. The acting was so much better, I am not talking about Patrick Stewart, off course he can act, but everyone else as well. After one season of Picard I knew more about the backgrounds of the assemble cast than I know about the Discovery crew in 2 and half seasons. This was a show called Picard but it gave the supporting cast just enough time for us to care about them. If in the next episode most of the bridge crew in Discovery got blown up I wouldn't give a crap.


Because of the show's f******* obsession with St Michael of Burnham. What can I say that hasn't been already said? Can she stop crying and whispering every other line. I don't watch the Walking Dead but when it has been mentioned by people who watch both shows its been in the context 'well we know Sonequa Martin-Green can act but why is she so rubbish in Disco?'

When a character cries or gets emotional I assume the audience is supposed to feel their pain or anguish. When St Michael cries I just roll my eyes and think here she goes again and feel nothing.

As already said by others I can't believe the show seems to be going towards the plot that Discovery, its crew and especially St Michael will be the ones to find out the cause of the Burn. Because no one else in this galaxy of billions had the brains to figure it out. Oh no we had to wait for the messiah to come, to travel through time to solve the problem. Maybe in the last ever episode of the whole series we will have a voiceover telling us that St Michael was all part of 'All God's Plan' as she suddenly disappears while Tilly is speaking to her.

I cringed and cringed when St M. told the Star Fleet Admiral at the end of Scavengers something along the lines of how the Federation could never truly be itself or reform unless they found out the cause of the burn. Really Einstein...duh... no one else on Star Fleet thought of this?

On TNG the crew of the Enterprise were among the best that Star Fleet had but it was always shown that they were all replaceable. Star Fleet had other captains, officers, Chief Engineers as good as Geordi. But there is only one St Michael!! Its a wonder Star Fleet or the Federation survived up until the burn with St M not being there to save them.

Most people like Saru as Captain, I just think he is missing an edge, a certain toughness to be captain. He comes across as naïve and idealistic, especially about the Federation. This can be explained by his background and how the Federation gave him a home but he comes across as weak sometimes. Take his decision to take only Tilly with him in the second episode, why because she creates a good first impression - idealistic and naïve. You are on a planet where you don't know how the locals with react and you take only Tilly who is useless in a combat situation. No you take Tilly for the first impression and you take a security officer in case the locals are hostile. That's like Picard taking only Troi down to an unknown because she looks less hostile than Worf. Although Troi could at least use her telepathic skills to sense if someone has hostile motives.

Picard could pull off the whole speech about the ideals of Federation and what it means but when Saru speaks it sounds so naïve. He needs a hint of cynicism.

I actually liked the second episode until St M. showed up to save the day.

In the 4th episode Forget Me Not, the doc was supposed to go to the Trill home world with Adira , but oh no we couldn't have someone else from the crew save the day or have a crucial role, it had to be St M.

In Die Trying I didn't care Nhan decided to stay Tikhov because we have absolutely have had no emotional investment in her.

Overall I liked the story of Unification III. I did wonder where the Vulcans were in all this, they were a founding member of the Federation. It did seem silly that St M didn't inquire about Vulcan as soon as they found Star Fleet headquarters. But off course the big problem with this episode was St M. crying, and whispering again and being centre of attention again. There was one scene during the court room saga where something was said and the camera focused on Sonequa Martin-Green's face only and her attempt at looking surprised and shocked was basically starry eyed and her mouth gawping. A better actor could convey these feelings with more subtlety but of course we have to get the over the top emotional St M.

Tilly as first officer....seriously? We have already established she is useless in a bar fight (episode 2). Actually can Saru actually appoint a first officer? Wouldn't Star Fleet headquarters appoint someone? Oh but I forgot it has to be someone from the the special Discovery crew and not someone who could outshine St M. in the role. I know Star Fleet agreed to keep the Discovery crew together but you would think some of the crew would be sent on 2-3 weeks assignments to other ships and vice versa? Having a non-Discovery first officer would be good to get the ship and its crew more integrated into the current rules and regulations. Or has this something to do with the need to keep the spore drive secret?

Finally I find it a bit conceited of the show to imply that the universe has gone to pot because the mighty Federation is no longer a force. Without the Federation bad things are happening in the universe.
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Tue, Oct 20, 2015, 4:28pm (UTC -5) | 🔗
Re: VOY S5: Latent Image

Science fiction tends to be at its best when dealing with real-world issues via metaphor. In this case, PTSD caused by guilt. Picardo sells being a sufferer of PTSD wonderfully. That the story has certain scientific problems is trivial to me.
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