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Tue, Mar 4, 2014, 3:10am (UTC -5)
Re: VOY S2: Resistance

This episode is problematic to me for so many reasons, and yet I still thoroughly enjoyed the dramatic performances between Janeway/Caylem and Tuvok/Torres.

Aside from the oversights already mentioned in other comments above, my biggest peeve is the teaser intro itself. Voyager has been in tough situations before, but when has Janeway ever condoned putting the entire crew in jeopardy by means of a covert operation without first attempting diplomacy? It was odd to see Chakotay attempting to pursue diplomatic channels (not only because he did so very poorly but mostly because he's not the captain!). I think the writers took some liberties with Janeway's character in that sense. She's way too level-headed in every episode leading up to this for me to suddenly believe that she woke up one morning feeling daring enough to go on a dangerous away mission (in what seemed to be) completely out of the blue. A bit more backstory in the beginning would've helped this episode make sense. It seems almost like the storyline was slapped together in order to highlight the dramatic scenes right away rather than honor the detail that makes the entire Star Trek franchise so interesting. So in a nutshell: I was confused, then I was intrigued, then I was annoyed, then I was moved to tears. And now I'm just confused again. Wth just happened? lol
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