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Mike Satirano
Mon, Apr 3, 2017, 2:31am (UTC -5) | 🔗
Re: DS9 S7: The Siege of AR-558

I'm a pretty big fan of DS9, and saw this episode a few years ago when it came on Netflix, and remember liking it. I'm sorry to leave such a negative comment. I'm sure there are a lot of fans of this ep.

1. Premise-
I'm really confused as to what's going on here. Why is each side transporting company sized elements down to an asteroid/moon? I understand why Starfleet people would be there on the ground, but any battle should happen above. If the Dominion wins that, then they would go down and wipe out the ground personnel. Conversely, The defiant just watches a transport unload a bunch of Jem Hadar. The Defiant has enough firepower alone, to wipe out every living thing on a planet. I watched the first few minutes again, but no reason is given

This is what really got to me. The whole episode is one giant cliche, made up of dozens of smaller clich├ęs. Literally everything is standard fare war movie. There's a guy sharpening his "non SF issued knife." There's the crazy guy who not only pulls a gun on a SF officer and Doctor, he's responsible for a friendly fire incident! What the hell? And when he talks about his bandage, it's a cliche of cliche "I hated him. He was always talking. Then he was dead, and wasn't talking no more." There are many more. OMIGOSH, it was too too much.

3: Contrivances
Why is Quark there? Would the president of a foreign nation send his son in law to this place? For??? I think he's just there to call the Feds hypocrites. He does that a lot now. Why is Nog so contemptuous of Quark all of the sudden? And why is Ezri there? Oddly enough, her and Engineer dude are the only moments I enjoyed. Even though Ezri came with Expo dumps about her past. Which is I guess what this episode truly lacks: Any form of subtlety.

Lastly, I like Vic, but the opening scene with Rom took me straight back to the 90's. Like back when I used to watch TV... I seriously got that feeling in my stomach. Let's call it "acute temporal effasia."

P.S. There's a little known Voyager episode called "Nemesis" That handles this subject Much better. It has a really ambiguous ending(in a good way), and doesn't slap us over the with "World War II: Star Trek Version: Hollywood Edition.
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Mike Satirano
Thu, Dec 15, 2016, 10:01am (UTC -5) | 🔗
Re: ENT S1: Fusion

I thought this was a very good Episode. I think it's pretty clear that Tolaris was just a creep. Every Society has them, and This group of heterodox Vulcans might be prone to attract a few. To someone like Tolaris, T'Pol would be quite vulnerable. He probes her and makes calculated risks throughout the episode, getting past her defenses. In fact, we know he's a creep because the episode tells us.

Archer: "Hey Trip, what's up with that Vulcan dude that T'Pol is all of the sudden spending so much time with?"

Trip: "I dunno, he's quiet, sullen, kinda weird. You Jealous, bro?"

We see that Kov and the Vulcaptain are quite balanced, and Kov is just a likeable guy(to contrast the creep) Archer tries to persuade him to call his Dad BECAUSE HE WAS ASKED TO by his boss. Trip does the same because He was asked to by HIS boss, and Trip is a caring guy.

Finally, the scene with Tolaris near the end. I think you guys are reading to much into his comment "You planned this." Archer was doing his job, that is, confronting the "Son of a *****" that assaulted his science officer. He wanted to know what happened and why...quite understandable, and realistic. After a few questions Archer realizes Tolaris is dangerous man and warns him to stay away from T'Pol. Tolaris, unstable as he is, can't handle this, and loses his temper.

The episode ends on a happy note with Kov calling his pops, and a nice closing scene with Archer and T'Pol coming to a greater understanding of each other.
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