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Sun, Mar 30, 2014, 10:21pm (UTC -6)
Re: Star Trek Into Darkness

get away from that launcher

Have we given up discussing STID?

People seem to be pouring out their hate for this movie. Maybe some of them have never seen Barbara Luna in that dress she's almost wearing in "Mirror, Mirror."

So she's in her undies. Tee hee!

People are getting so goddamn sensitive these days! I say screw it, I like seeing chicks in their undies, and you may as well call me Edgar Friendly because I might just need to smear green jello all over my body while motorcycling down sunset boulevard and reading playboy magazine, just because I felt the need to!

This movie rocks your socks, and you can easily put it up against Avengers for nerd movie of the year! I say Star Trek fans have become complacent in years of TV watching and are in danger of becoming the cosmic party poopers that people have been saying they are since the beginning. But that's not how Star Trek got started and that's not how it HAS TO BE!

THink! THe whole "we should look at this from a more mature angle" thing came along because Shatner was starting to get old. Harve Bennett has said it, Nick Meyer said it, and Shatner has said it, and I'll quote you chapter and verse if I have to. I got the books.

Star Trek is Zefram Cochrane's dream of retiring to a tropical island full of naked women (otherwise known as Risa). This series has been about sex, plain and simple, for such a long time, and somewhere along the way this dry academicism seeped in and got people thinking that aching bones and death and aging are all that mean anything in the Trek universe, and by god, I have to just say one more time, in the words of the great De Kelley:


I just feel like people have forgotten what a good time is, and are nitpicking this movie to death.

The Motionless Picture, it ain't!
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