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Meeklo Braca
Sun, Nov 30, 2014, 2:38am (UTC -6)
Re: Interstellar

I will attempt to answer your questions in a hope of arousing conversation about it.

"Why was Matt Damon so bent on blowing up his own base?"

I think this was clear, his planet was dead so he sent off some sort of beacon indicating everything was great so the Endurance would come to his rescue. I think he blew up poor Romiliy because he didnt want any resistance.

" When did the one guy learn that the one female astronaut was in love with the other guy on he other planet?"

Yeah, for a 2 hour 46 minute long movie, it sure felt like a scene or two was cut out hey? I was asking myself that too.

"What on earth--get it--does gravity have to do with anything?"

It was the plot device they used to allow Cooper to communicate with Murph. Also it was what was keeping humanity from escaping from Earth on the O'Neil stations.

"Did that guy stay for twenty years in his pajamas while the others were on the water world?"

Yup. And when they return he just sits there and has a cup of coffee as if shits all cool.

I thought the movie was too long but it should have been longer if that makes sense. As in it needed more explanation but it was too damn long to begin with.
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