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Mon, Feb 5, 2018, 12:58pm (UTC -5)
Re: Trek's Musical Problems

For the last few seasons I'd been dissatisfied with TNG but couldn't quite figure out why, because there were a number of eps that were quite good.

As soon as I heard the scores of key episodes of Babylon 5, which started in TNG"s final year, I had my answer: The music had been severely lacking in TNG for several years. I'm a (non-vocal) soundtrack person, and as good as some of the later TNG eps were, the score was so bland and yawn-worthy they eps were incomplete in my memory.

It's because of the poor music for almost half its run (3 of 7 seasons, and arguably the music was already being screwed with by the middle of season 4), that TNG lost its place as my favourite overall TV series after B5's 3rd season.

I blame Berman for a lot of the hardship that Trek fell upon, and his neutering the music was just one of many reasons why.
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