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Sun, Dec 20, 2020, 8:47pm (UTC -6)
Re: MAND S2: Chapter 16: The Rescue

Probably was the same Mal in the past as me. Been visiting Jammer's site for about ten years, since I read along eps as I did a BSG watchthrough. Mostly lurk and very rarely comment.

Glad many enjoyed this. Someone above described it as a masterpiece, but that can only conceivably be possible in my mind if someone has been thirsty for the post-RotJ Star Wars that they conceived in their heads, or was formed from SW books in the 90s. Same crowd that was mad that the interesting turn Luke took in TLJ (a movie I think is trash, but I actually quite like the Luke take) simply because it didn't fit expectations.

I mean...this season had an ep with a character from Clone Wars. Then two eps later, had Ahsoka--also from Clone Wars. The ep immediately following that had Boba Fett in it. Then the final ep has the crescendo of fanservice character inserts in the form of a badass Luke Skywalker meant to mirror the Darth Vader fanservice scene at the end of Rogue One.

I think if the fight choreo was more interesting I'd potentially have found this season more entertaining, but TV fight scenes these days just feels like filler between plot beats--almost obligatory. My favorite ep of the series is still the ep from the first season on the prison ship, because it treated Mando like the invincible, scary predator that he is and showed him to us from the perspective of a bunch of normies.

I realize I'm in the minority here, but The Mandalorian worked best for me when I thought it was part of a small, contained story making the rest of the galaxy feel larger and more full, and would ultimately be totally inconsequential to the stories from the movies and other material. For it to tie in so blatantly to the larger plot--and for the ineffectual villain (Giancarlo Esposito ended up being totally wasted in the role) to outright look at the camera and say that what he's done will help bring the rise of the First Order--undermined the sense of larger scale for me.

As a result, it feels once again like Star Wars is such a tiny world...and that there really just are no new ideas for what to do with it.
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Mon, Dec 7, 2020, 2:03am (UTC -6)
Re: MAND S2: Chapter 14: The Tragedy

Not really enthralled by the season so far.

The action in season 1 felt so different than standard Star Wars outings...the chase and climb on the Jawa Sandcrawler, for example, was riveting and interesting.

None of the action in this ep was something I hadn't seen before, and the episode was 80% action.

Also not a fan of the VERY blatant Jedi force stuff now. Glowing blue fields around Baby Yoda...lacks the subtlety of the first season in which it was just a small thing that Mando and most of the galaxy doesn't understand.

I also still feel as if Esposito is just not right in this role. He seems to be having fun with it and really not taking it very seriously, but it's not making use of his fantastic talent or really giving him much to do. I don't understand the choice of him for villain other than that fans love him because he's iconic from Breaking Bad and other shows. The Boys used him similarly for season 2. This is the same feeling for the reason behind Sakhoff or Dawson's inclusions. Decent casting that is more for audience recognition to invoke other feelings than for good casting.

I'm also lacking the heart the first season had, with the absence of characters like the "I have spoken" guy.

Meh. Still underwhelmed this season, despite the fanservice.
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Mon, Nov 23, 2020, 12:54pm (UTC -6)
Re: MAND S2: Chapter 12: The Siege

@MossBoss Had the same thought, as I mentioned in my comment above. Kinda got the impression that the ep made sense more as a two-parter with a big of a time lapse inbetween. It also felt like the pacing dog wagged the story in this case, as the chase scene went on WAY too long, and I think was elongated to make Mando's rescue in the nick of time more believable when they realized the script didn't leave enough time for it to make sense.
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Mon, Nov 23, 2020, 12:51pm (UTC -6)
Re: MAND S2: Chapter 12: The Siege

This season so far has not gripped me nearly as much as season 1.

This episode has a mixed reaction from me. Something I liked about season 1 was the subdued and small conflicts, rather than things that could change the entire political climate of the galaxy. I enjoy that Mando is just a tiny part of the galaxy, rather than a Luke Skywalker, determining the fate of the galaxy at large. The story around Mando and Baby Yoda appears to be building to something that will likely be a, "If we don't stop Gideon the Empire will return!"

The small scale of Mando helping a village fight raiders who have an AT-ST and that one vehicle being almost overwhelming to overcome felt so cool in how scaled down it was...and in this ep, the good guys take out dozens of Stormtroopers, several speeder bikes, and a handful of Tie Fighters. It's a big scaling up in stakes and consequences that I'm not sure how I feel about.

So, specific thoughts on the ep:

- I liked the teases of the larger story and what Gideon is actually up to.

- Still iffy about Giancarlo Esposito...not because I don't like him (I think he's one of the best actors in the business and absolutely think he's an imposing, scary villain) but because he is EVERYWHERE right now. I mean, I just finished watching The Boys season 2, and he's one of the chief antagonists of that series, and is even the main antagonist in the next Far Cry game.

- The action/escape went on way too long. By the time the tie fighters came in to pick up where the speeders left off, I had become bored by the nearly silent 10min action scene by that point. I also felt like you could've skipped the speeders and gone right to the tie fighters and it would've yielded the same result.

- Great performances as usual for the most part, but I'm still struggling with Carl Weathers. His acting is basically the same as it was in Predator, but for some reason in this show his wooden delivery really clangs for me. Gina Carano is fantastic, though. My wife has mentioned that she really loves seeing a woman who's actually built and physically impressive in a role like this, as it is (sadly) very uncommon.

- Found Mando's save at the end jarring, only because he had just been at the base with them 10-ish mins ago. This means he jetpacked back to town, got Baby Yoda from the school, got to where his ship was (which was fully repaired, apparently?) and made it back in time to shoot down tie fighters.

- Where is the hooded guy we saw at the very end of ep 1, who had apparently been following Mando on Tattooine? Weird to drop a breadcrumb like that in ep 1 and have it still not paid off by ep 4?

Overall, still an excellent series and probably the best non-game thing SW has done since RotJ (maybe even better) but I really do prefer the quieter feel of season 1.
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Sun, Nov 22, 2020, 5:33pm (UTC -6)
Re: DSC S3: Scavengers

I thought this episode was excellent. Top tier for Disco, for sure.

I really wish the Burn wasn't the driving force of the plot, and just let it be something that occurred in the past and we're just here now and making a way in the galaxy where we're at.

I still think we can just get rid of Georgiou as a character. I don't see what happens with her character from here despite a mystery plot...but there are so many other supporting cast members that I want to see more focus on. Stamets, Culber, Tilly, Adira, Saru and engineer lady are great characters I'd like to focus more on. Others above have mentioned the possibility of a Burnham leaving the show and doing a different series outing with Michelle Yeoh and Book...and I'm all for that. Disco I think can work extremely well without Burnham with its very talented cast. Considering we know SMG is involved with the s4 filming that's already started, this is unlikely, though.

Found the fat cat jokes to be pretty jarring and regressive for what is typical of this show. It was funny in the earlier eps when they referred to her with reverence...Tilly making them is odd and out of character.

Overall, think the series is hitting its stride, and it feels a lot more like the entire season's plot was established before filming began, unlike s1 and s2 of Disco, which had bizarre changes in direction.
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