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Fri, Jan 1, 2021, 5:58pm (UTC -6)
Re: VOY S7: Lineage

It was a good premise for an episode, but the material was very stretched out.
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Mon, Dec 21, 2020, 6:24pm (UTC -6)
Re: VOY S1: Faces

I learned some interesting things about this episode from listening to Garrett Wang and Robert Duncan McNeill discussing it on their podcast, "The Delta Flyers." Apparently Roxann Dawson was VERY nervous about this episode, but when she watched the episode with her mother (having not told her anything about it) her mother commented that she had done a wonderful job playing the Human B'elanna, but that the actress who had played the Klingon B'elanna had done REALLY well, lol. Dawson decided that since she'd fooled her own mother, she must have done well!

Springy, you said:

"Didn't like how human B'elanna was such an incredibly weak wimp. Really? I get that Klingons are fierce warriors and humans are much less violently aggressive, but to portray her human side as totally helpless . . . blech. Why?"

Imagine that you are, without warning, suddenly half the strength that you usually are. You are so weak you feel like fainting. Not to mentionl that you suddenly feel absolutely terrified--much more so than usual. At least, that's how I always interpreted it. I thought human B'elanna was just in shock from the change for a while--then as the episode progresses she begins to adapt a bit better.
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Sun, Dec 20, 2020, 8:05am (UTC -6)
Re: BSG S1: Water

Bloody shaky camera work!!! Grrr! I was really enjoying this show until this started up - surely they weren't doing it in previous episodes? Seems quite a dated effect to me now too. Does it carry on like this all the way through? Please NO!!!

At least I can now say something positive about Discovery: the camera operators don't shake the cameras about like they've got the DTs.
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Fri, Dec 18, 2020, 5:42pm (UTC -6)
Re: VOY S1: The Cloud

This is an inoffensive episode, and the problems have been detailed above. I'll point out just one more error that I learned from my grandfather, who DID play pool with Willie Mosconi. At the end we are supposed to think Janeway is a pool novice, then she shows she's a shark by sinking several low balls off the break. And there's the error--veteran players refer to "low balls and high balls," not "stripes and solids," as Janeway does.
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Thu, Dec 17, 2020, 11:42am (UTC -6)
Re: VOY S1: Caretaker

I am halfway through the first episode and I am cracking up. They are funny and have great chemistry. And now I have to re-watch to see the fake sideburns, and look at Harry's feet--he inherited Brent Spiner's old shoes, lol

But what is especially funny, or sad, is when Robbie (Robert Duncan McNeill ) comments that he had forgotten that Chakotay hated Tom in the first episode and he says, "There was a lot of tension between the Star Fleet and Maquis at the beginning--it's a shame they didn't develop that."

We fans feel you, Robbie.
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Thu, Dec 17, 2020, 10:33am (UTC -6)
Re: VOY S1: Caretaker

Oh holy crap y'all--I just discovered that Garrett Wang and Robert Duncan McNeill are doing a podcast called "The Delta Flyers" --started in May--where they are going through each episode of Voyager. ACH! I'm dying!

Here's the link. I hope they are enjoyable!
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Wed, Dec 16, 2020, 10:21am (UTC -6)
Re: VOY S7: Endgame

I’m on a rewatch and encountered some comments I wanted to highlight.


You said, “To be honest, I didn't care all that much about the first 90 % of the episode - all I wanted was the emotional release of these characters finally getting home to Earth!”

I think that was my number-one problem. I WANTED that emotional release! I recall when I watched the Seabiscuit movie and loved it. In the final big race, the entire theater audience was on the edge of their seats—I could see the tension as they rode along with him as he put his heart into that race. The finish line is in sight and we hear the pounding hooves and we are getting ready to cheer out loud for his victory when suddenly . . . the director chose to cut the sound and move into slow motion, and I think there was a voiceover, too. It too ALL the momentum out of the moment and stole that emotional release from the entire audience. I could actually see it—this entire room of people all getting psyched up to cheer happily suddenly sat back with a dissatisfied sigh. That’s how this finale felt to me.

You said, “Like returning from a long and incredible journey, the arrival back at your front door with your luggage in hand is inexorably an emotionally deflating experience.”

I don’t think that would be the case in this scenario. In this case, all most of them wanted was to return home. For most people, coming back home after a journey is disappointing because your home is dull and uneventful—but you could have gotten there at any moment. It wasn’t something denied to you for seven years as it was for the Voyager crew. I am sure some of them had become addicted to the adventure and probably headed out on deep-space journeys, but that initial moment of getting home would have been wondrous.


Your said “But I think your version is not enough bittersweet. We learn with Endgame that Voyager lost a few officers, I think it's fair. My version would include the loss of the innocent Harry.”

I replied to you before but suddenly had another thought—I would have been fine with that except couldn’t they have promoted him already? That still pisses me off. (I am writing this with Voyager on in the background and Harry just said, “I didn’t notice a little box on MY chair,” lol That was in the first part of Unimatrix Zero when Tom got his pip back)

You asked, “If talking to yourself is a sign of madness, then is writing on a 12 year old post similar?”

I’ve been coming to this site for 13 years, and some of the people I spoke to then are still here now. It’s a nice community. I’d been a member of the imdb community for almost that long when those assholes decided to get rid of the message boards—and I still miss it. I had conversations on there going back more than a decade. I am very glad Jammer has kept it going. I love that we can have discussions that span more than a decade. I’ve actually watched myself change my views on things over the years. It’s very cool.

You said, “Doc should have been gay. Could pair him off with Barclay; would have made a great couple. Hologram-addict engineer and sentient hologram: perfect match.”

At first I knee-jerked to that with “NO! Doc should be with Seven!” and then I started to think about those two together. Holy cow, yeah—they would have been very good together. I did love Doc’ romance with Danara Pel, though, so I guess he’s actually bi, lol

You said, “What I never understood about Voyager (and to some degree Star Trek as a whole) is why when it comes to 2 parters or 2 hr special events, they always rush the ending. You have all this time to tell a great story, but by the time you get to the end, it’s like the writers forgot they had to wrap things up. You have all that extra time, start from a compelling and interesting ending, and work your way backwards. I guess it’s kind of Stephen King-esque to write a compelling plot and have a hard time finishing it, but it does leave us with a sense of “uh, that was it?”

I recall reading something by Dean Koontz a long time ago where he was talking about how to write a good story and he was saying how when you get to the climax, you need to end it quickly—or something. He had reasons for it that I don’t recall. As an example of how NOT to do it, he mentioned Stephen King’s “The Stand,” and said that the climax happens then then King includes 50 pages of “pointless filler to get the characters home.” (paraphrasing, but that was the gist) I just laughed. To me, THAT part of “The Stand” was the most enjoyable—and it still had some dangers to face. I don’t think I would have reread that book 20 times if it hadn’t been included.

I think the Voyager writers were members of the Dean Koontz school of narrative. For those of us who love characters more than plot (for the most part) those moments are precious.

@HK Star Trek

You said one of your problems with Voyager was, “ No real stakes, day-to-day it felt like a ship in the Alpha Quadrant (think Enterprise D on TNG) and in constant touch with Starfleet/Federation.”

OMG, seriously. This has been a theme throughout. The Equinox was a MUCH more believable scenario for how being stranded so far from home would have been like. Voyager was like a floating cruise ship, constantly being replenished.

And I also agree about being in touch with the Alpha Quadrant—it was great when it happened occasionally, but the monthly messages made it boring.

This finale highlighted ALL the overall problems with Voyager. At least I can re-watch my own personal finale in my head whenever I wish.
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Tue, Dec 15, 2020, 9:06pm (UTC -6)
Re: VOY S6: Child's Play

Icheb's parents are so disgusting and immoral that it undermines what was a good episode up to their twist. I can't stand this episode because of that.


"Why would the Borg be at all interested in a single individual on a lone ship? I thought they only bothered assimilating whole civilizations."

Well, according to one of the few Borg who has spoken, that's exactly right!

Hugh: "The Borg assimilate civilizations, not individuals."

Unfortunately, the writers don't give a damn and are happy to overturn any established position if it serves the needs of that week's paycheck.
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Tue, Dec 15, 2020, 8:02pm (UTC -6)
Re: VOY S6: Ashes to Ashes

I have been thinking about the continuity problems in this episode, which otherwise would have been an enjoyable romp, and I think what upsets me the most is that it was yet another "fuck you" from the show runners. If this episode had occurred in a show that really cared about continuity and made an effort then I think we all would have been willing to forgive this one lapse. But it has been so abundantly clear that they NEVER cared and just expected the fans to suck it up that when they sat down in the room to pitch this episode I can almost hear them:

One writer who still has a little hope left: Couldn't we tie this in better with previous episodes?

The rest: Resistance is futile. Caring would be illogical. Paychecks will come.

When I watched "Year of Hell" back when it originally aired, I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. It was absolutely fantastic. I remember thinking, "Wow. I am so glad they finally figured out that some ongoing consequences from being stranded are GOOD things! I can't wait to see how they go onward from this terrible experience!"

And then the ending came and I picked up a book and threw it at the wall. Or the TV, I forget which. Anyway, nothing was harmed. I have never watched that episode again.

This show has my favorite collective of characters--I love almost everybody. I HATE that they didn't get a better show.

I loved the concept of this episode and thought the idea had so much potential and Kim Rhodes did a wonderful job--it just makes me angry as it (again!) represents everything that was wrong with this show.
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Mon, Dec 14, 2020, 6:53pm (UTC -6)
Re: VOY S5: Relativity

I can't believe none above have mentioned the funniest line in the episode:

Seven: I believe you are suffering from temporal psychosis.

Braxton: Of course I am, you pedantic drone!

Gets me every time.
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Mon, Dec 14, 2020, 6:25pm (UTC -6)
Re: VOY S5: Bliss


You said, "The beast doesn't have to be assumed mobile. Sea sponges are sessile . . . . So the warning beacons would work in this context. "

Except that right after they escape, Qatai says, "The beast is already altering course," so we know it is mobile. Beacons would be utterly useless unless they can be attached to it in some way.
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Mon, Dec 14, 2020, 4:40pm (UTC -6)
Re: VOY S5: Gravity


You said, "This episode was utterly intolerable due to the fact we are supposed to believe an intelligent and logical man would be attracted to a baby talking idiot woman."

I'm a woman and while I would normally agree with this critique, as with Leeloo in The Fifth Element, in this case Noss may have a childish voice, but she is clearly strong and capable and not at all idiotic. She simply is not fluent in English. So I don;t think it's fair to lump her in with the "Born Sexy Yesterday" trope we so often see presented in films. Look for the video by that title presented by Pop Culture Detective--I think you'd have to agree Noss doesn't fit the type.
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Mon, Dec 14, 2020, 10:05am (UTC -6)
Re: VOY S4: Unforgettable

I love this one--it's one I will put on to have in the background fro "comfort sounds--but I can still see the flaws. There are, indeed, lots of holes in the explanation for how Kellen's species can erase things.

But I still like it--I love Virginia Madsen, I love Robert Beltran, and I thought they had good chemistry. But I also love Jeri Ryan and I didn’t buy HER relationship with Chakotay for a second. It was like the writers flipped a switch one day and said “Seven is now charming!” THAT relationship completely contradicted what we knew about her.

This one is a fun "relationship of the week," and I liked it.
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Fri, Dec 11, 2020, 7:41pm (UTC -6)
Re: VOY S7: Repression

It was half investigation and half mutiny. I think it would have been better to make the whole thing about the mutiny. It wasn't too bad though.
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Carl the Imposter
Thu, Oct 29, 2020, 6:14am (UTC -6)
Re: DSC S3: People of Earth

I like to give credit where it's due, and the Iceland setting was okay with me. Suitably alien-esque with the black landscapes. It's not like it was set in the saloon the whole show.

A note to aspiring reviewers: Criticizing every element of an episode and then giving 2/4 stars doesn't make a lot of sense. That's a passing grade, meaning the writers and everyone else did their homework and did good enough to graduate and get their certificate. That's what you're saying? Because the impression I get watching most Discovery episodes is an examination paper submitted with all the answers left blank, and colorful doodles drawn all around the edges of the paper. It looks lovely, skillfully done even, but devoid of all substance and relevant content.
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Fri, Oct 16, 2020, 6:56pm (UTC -6)
Re: PIC S1: The End Is the Beginning

I love how slow it is. I literally can't watch Lower Decks because it's too fast and I can't keep up, so the pace of this show is awesome.
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Fri, Oct 16, 2020, 6:47pm (UTC -6)
Re: PIC S1: Maps and Legends

I'm loving it! No negatives so far except that I really liked Dahj, in the brief time we spent with her, a lot more that Soji. I don't really know why--I am not analytical that way--I just preferred her personality.

But ugh--I REALLY hate the "seductive sister" personality. What kind of sick fuckers act like that?

One question--I thought money was gone and poverty eradicated, so why is Raffi living in a hovel and being jealous of Picard in his mansion of heirlooms? They really gave her a trailer in the desert for her home?
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Fri, Oct 16, 2020, 6:40pm (UTC -6)
Re: PIC S1: Remembrance

I finally got around to watching this and very much enjoyed the first episode. "Tea, Earl Grey, (sigh) decaf" got a real belly-laugh out of me for the first time in months, so that was nice.

One thing I noted that i thought suggested that this team of creators GETS IT, unlike the creators of Discovery, is how they updated the Romulans. They look very different from previous ones we've seen, but still recognizably Romulans.

I have two friends who have very limited knowledge of Star Trek (they can probably identify Spock as being the "ears dude") and they enjoyed it as well, so I don't think it's correct that a huge amount of prior knowledge is necessary to enjoy this.

I am hopeful for the rest!
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Fri, Oct 16, 2020, 8:44am (UTC -6)
Re: VOY S7: Endgame


Thank you! I like yours, too. I have always been focused more on characters than plot--I just mainly wanted to see "happily ever after" for these characters I love! Wasn't thinking too much about storytelling.

(I've been off this site for over a year because of stuff, and then i come back and you wrote your comment exactly one year ago--cool! lol)
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Tue, Sep 29, 2020, 3:04pm (UTC -6)
Re: TNG S6: Ship in a Bottle

Cheers William B. On your point, I had a further thought that perhaps, initially, Moriarty gave it a go to see if the crew really could get him off the holodeck. If it worked, great, if not, he had at least tried and coincidentally, ended up with a load of new experiences to explore. Life, if you will, for a holodeck character.
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Tue, Sep 29, 2020, 11:20am (UTC -6)
Re: TNG S6: Ship in a Bottle

Summary - it's about reality and fiction and knowing which is which and when it's time to get back to the real world:

Moriarty's chat with Barclay -"Tell me lieutenant, if you loved a woman such as this, would you be content to leave her on the holodeck?". Moriarty's been trapped on the holodeck for 4 years - he knows EXACTLY what Barclay's been up to in there.

The ending - Moriarty knows he's still on the holodeck. I just can't see him falling for the same trick he pulled on the crew. I think he just wanted to give the countess "life" by letting her think they'd escaped to the real world. If my theory is correct, then in a way, he did become more than his original programming by releasing the crew and going against the evil character he was originally written to be. 4 stars.
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Tue, Sep 29, 2020, 9:38am (UTC -6)
Re: TNG S7: Sub Rosa

This is total crap. As Arnold Rimmer might have said " I consider it an insult to my buttocks that I had to sit and watch that". I could have gone with the "nudge-nudge, wink-wink" hooky Gothic stuff but it's the fact that senior members of the crew suddenly become complete imbeciles that annoys me (and my buttocks). Troi is ok with someone getting off on their grandmother's porn diary, Picard let's Bev resign and beam off the ship while dressed in tweed. Nobody listens to Groundskeeper "Dinnae goo to the hoose lass, and dinnae light the candle!!" Willie. Man this was bad. Makes ST:Ent look like Shakespeare.
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Tue, Sep 29, 2020, 9:02am (UTC -6)
Re: ORV S1: Mad Idolatry

As Norvo said - this is a mish-mash of TNG's Who Watches the Watchers, DS9's Meridian and Voyager's Blink of an Eye. And it doesn't hold a candle to any of them. Considering WWTW was made 30 years ago that is damning. Move along - nothing to see here.
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Fri, Aug 14, 2020, 8:41pm (UTC -6)
Re: Star Trek: Lower Decks

The pilot I would have begrudgingly given a 0.5/4, the second episode gets a 2 from me. I'd say it was more entertaining than any of the Discovery or Picard episodes, and that's because while those shows are big jokes, at least this show is aware it's a joke. I also have to admit it has the feel of 90s Trek, with the A and B plot structure where by the end we know something about the characters we didn't at the start. So, yeah, it's a step up from "unwatchable" to bordering on unwatchable. Take that as you will.
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Mon, Jun 1, 2020, 1:02pm (UTC -6)
Re: Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

I think Jammer's silence on this film says it all.

Just recently rewatched the middle chapter, and no matter how you feel about the choices made in it, THE LAST JEDI actually MADE choices, especially with its characters, and was visually stunning to boot (it also had a much better performance from Carrie Fisher vs. TFA). By the end of it, I was genuinely excited about where the Star Wars universe was heading next, because it suddenly felt new and unexpected again, freed from the shackles of magic blood and Skywalker legacy bloat.


JJ's good/great with actors, his casting instincts are incredible, and he usually has a keen sense of momentum... But his terrible worldbuilding skills are laid out for all to see in this trilogy, especially in the third film. A big issue with Rian Johnson's movie was he had to deal with the poor worldbuilding choices from JJ's first entry ("A Resistance? Why not just make it the New Republic fleet?", etc.), and that kind of crap was especially egregious in RoS ("Wait, this new Final Order has been hiding/building the whole time, and they ALL have planet-destroying lasers? Um... Okay..."). In addition, he kept piling on "shocker" moments in the narrative that landed with a wet thud ("The Emperor is alive, erasing the entire point of the previous trilogy!", "Chewbacca's dead [except he isn't]!", "C3PO's memory is erased [except it isn't]!", "Rey's a Palpatine [so I guess the previous film's message about "coming from nothing" didn't matter, cool, cool]!")... If you keep pulling the rug out from your story, over and over, eventually your viewers grow numb.

This movie felt like an overeager (and unnecessary) apology for the previous entry, but failed to do anything original of note on its own, and by the end I was just exhausted at the cynicism of it all. My only hope is, now that it's done, we can finally move on from anything involving Palpatine / Skywalker, and actually explore new stories in this galaxy. Such a disappointing end to a nine-film saga.
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