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Tue, Oct 10, 2017, 4:33am (UTC -5) | 🔗
Re: DSC S1: The Butcher's Knife Cares Not for the Lamb's Cry

OK, I'm won over.

This is shaping up to be a very thoughtful Trek in the best sense of the franchise with intriguing ideas and interesting questions should it continue to execute.

The "science"- OK I'll admit it's a little out there but the writers have done their homework and come up with a technobabble that is at least more thought out than polaric ions or delta rays and they did so by asking a question: Is there a relationship between the large scale structure of the universe, consciousness and quantum strangeness? That, or they fleshed out the navigator concept from Dune. But in any case, the answer to the question as discovered by our crew (pun intended) is torturing Ripper into being an unwilling navigator because Ripper's sin is being able to experience multiple places in the galaxy by tripping off the spores. It can travel the universe by shrooming.

The Federation- You wanted grittier Trek, here it is. All the tough questions you want about scientific and situational ethics are spelled out for you now: is it right to torture a creature if it means winning a war for your own existence? Is it right even though you instigated that war through your own ignorance and arrogance? Remember that the Shenzhou was in Klingon space poking around the Torch of Kahless. Georgiou might have prevented the fight had she listened to Burnham but decided in her ignorance of Klingon culture to treat the situation as if everyone acts like a 23rd century human.

That leads us to the monoculture. It looks like the Federation is the monoculture here. Sure there are some funny looking aliens on board but they all think the same: they thought the same about Burnham and so far they've all thought the same about the spore drive: did anyone in Engineering besides Burnham give Ripper a second thought? Anyone with empathy could have heard it crying. I like this angle because the Federation is us: in "The Vulcan Hello" replace "We come in Peace" with "We come in the name of Democratic Capitalism" and you have the history of Western Civilization since the end of World War II.

Finally, we've got the Klingons who may become much deeper as villains now that we see factions: the True Believers vs. the Opportunists. What Devil's Bargain will Voq have to make to pursue what is looking more and more like a jihad? Will that get the Klingons closer to TOS canon? In the end, will it even matter?

It doesn't mean the show is perfect and there are still some strange acting and character choices and though I think Burnham's general backstory serves the story well (she's the outsider and the explorer) I really hate the "small universe/fan service" idea of Sarek being her adopted father.

But these are quibbles.

I sure hope the cast and crew can pull this off because right now I think they have what could be the best Trek ever and a story that could rival reboot BSG.
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