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Fri, Feb 26, 2016, 1:51am (UTC -6)
Re: DS9 S2: Paradise

I just finished watching the Experimenter (movie). Then watched this episode (it was next). Anyway, the movie was on my mind as I watched this. The mentality of the people, submissive to the leader, seems plausable. Yet Ben and Miles behaviour is strange. They try to show Ben defying Alexis but that's not actually what happens. First he just decides to stay with these people even though Alexis is clearly off. Both Ben and Miles have survived and been resourceful in other episodes even without tech. Just walk away. Then after witnessing the hot box the barely say a word. Just going along with her word. Hello! Where is the star trek high moral phyisophical high ground. Seriously we get a moral speech in a lot of trek and in this..pff. Then Ben shows meaning less bravado by staying up for night watch to prove what..he's defiant to Alexis by doing exactly what she wants. I'm guessing it was meant to be a subtle display of rebellion..I will do what you want so you don't think I'm weak. Again..walk away. Why stick around once you realize this woman is nuts? Just go do what you need to do..are these people so fearsome that you can't leave. Then Ben goes in the box. Really! F that. Once he is taken out and the water is on the table..take it, drink it in front of everyone..and for Goodness sake say something. A girl died, nut ladies fault. They were clearly tying to show his spirit wasn't broken..but he didn't actually do anything to stop the crazy. I agree with previous poster "there are 4 lights". Anyway, didn't like this one much. Just so unrealistic. I do think it would have worked if the whole community were volenteering to live that way. The "threat" would have been more real, the show of defiance more meaningful and the idea more compelling. The end sucks.
I like deep space nine it has tons of compelling stories in the series this one just fell flat.
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