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Sun, May 10, 2009, 12:11pm (UTC -5)
Re: BSG S4: Daybreak, Part 2

Nice review Jammer but Kara's disappearance even if mysterious, I didnt find it emotionally complicated or right...and I thought it as a bit of a cliche kind of like Touched by an Angel you know? I've seen that trick before where a character disappears just as a person turns around and the camera moves out of sight...kind of bland, I predicted it right before it happened and so it seemed almost intelligence insulting.. I think a more appropriate ending would've been Kara leaving just as she appeared in her mysterious pristine Raptor.. remember that (did the raptor disappear when she did too?--guess it was flown into the sun). I think Kara should've led the fleet into the Sun and disappeared just as she appeared--mysteriously into the heavens in her raptor-- just like when she appeared next to Lee in Crossroads part 2-- or maybe she saw a similar star go nova in a nearby solar system that reminded her of the Eye of Jupiter again and she flies into that as her "home" since her "journey is completed." I think this also would've tied into the pigeon in the flashback symbolism. I think the intention was that the pigeon represents her and just like Lee can't get her out of his life (when hes trying to swat the pigeon out with a broom) until her time is up and the pigeon flies out. Don't know if anyone thought about this think it might've been more original and neat and memorable..and provided more symmetry-- with the whole cycle and eye of jupiter image and her destiny ideas-- what do you think Jammer or anyone else?
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