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Sat, Jul 22, 2017, 9:50am (UTC -5)
Re: VOY S2: The Thaw

Famous Star Trek reviewer and book writer Mark Altman wrote, about twenty years ago, that "This may be the worst Trek episode of them all, bar none," and then rattled off a list of reasons to support the conclusion. His chief criticisms were that 1) There was no reason for Voyager to beam get involved with the stasis chamber revivals in the first place, and that 2) the premise, which Altman said "cried out for bizarreness," "is handled in a completely pedestrian manner."
Point 1 is valid, although it is one of those "I wont't suspend my disbelief" points that attack a premise instead of atracking what matters more-the execution.
Point 2 is factually debatable. The camera setups, the laughter on cue, the circus-like music, all to me make it difficult to concur with his observations that the execution was "pedestrian."
For the commentors who derided this as "Evil Clown in Space," again, that isn't a valid criticism-or at least a thoughtful one. It assumes a doofy idea cannot be handled well. Not so. This episode is hardly one of the best of the 725 episodes that were Star Trek TV, but it is nowhere near the worst. If anyone above who said this was the "worst Trek" ever has actually seen all 724 others, I would love to hear what your runners-up are.
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