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Kevin McGrath
Tue, Feb 26, 2019, 8:33pm (UTC -5)
Re: ORV S2: Deflectors

"When the little girl asks what's wrong with Lokar's head, she doesn't even ask Talla the same question The girl never acknowledges Talla existence. Lokar is the only one of the two that she asks "who are you". Either Lokar stood out because he's black, or Talla didn't instantly standout because she presents as white first, and alien second. The writers, director and actors seem to be unaware of the racial implications of that scene. It's a replica of 1940s New York. It's a bit disconcerting that moment goes by and isn't commented on. "

I rather think Charles was wrong on this. What distinguished Locar wasn't his colour but the fact that he was recognisably non-human. If he'd been pale- skinned he'd have looked every bit as strange. Talla in his presence looked pretty much a standard human, unless you looked pretty closely at her. If she'd had a dark skin like Clare that would still have been the case.

It hadn't even occurred to me that these Moclans all seemed to have dark skins, any more than it ever occurred to me that Worf did. Or, to remember the classic 1980 series version of Beauty and the Beast, that Vincent was not dark skinned and was played by a white actor. (YWas Surely an underlying intention in both cases to get people recognising that skin colour is a pretty insignificant sort of difference.)
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