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Sat, Feb 22, 2020, 3:25pm (UTC -5)
Re: PIC S1: Stardust City Rag

Jammer, thanks as always for remaining reasoned and level-headed. When you (as opposed to some others here, who listen not with their ears but with their mouth) say "It ain't Trek," you make an actual argument for why. You cited the torture and the gore and how it came off as stuff one would find in a snuff film. Your observation that attacking a specific writer is both unfair and a fool's errand has much merit to it - all the more so compared to "arguments" that attack Alex Kurtzmann. Is no one here humble or mere-mortal enough to realize that they do not know what writer, what persom, etc., is responsible for the action, dialogue, and plotting on the show, except you? Also, I have read the dreaded "critics" reviews; they are helpfully aggregated by episode on Rotten Tomatoes. One would think those critics (some of whom make their knowledge of Trek apparent because they can write with clarity) have opinions that are no better and no worse than yours or mine. There are no better or worse opinions - only better-reasoned judgments and less better-reasoned ones. Many people hatw to be reminded of this because they son't like being told dissent from them isn't necessarily "stupidity." Being a fan of Star Trek (however one defines it-either with their "I am right, you are wrong" monopolistic exclusionary definition or otherwise) does not not make one any better a worse a judge of what good drama is. It can serve to verify the "wisdom" of one's beliefs. As Roger Ebert said, "Beliefs, we need to be reminded, are beliefs precisely because they are not facts." And beliefs arent any more "true" because they fall in line with what we think a sacred cow like Godard prophesized. His films can be critcized too and I found the last twenty years' worth to be incomprehensible bores, in significant part. The level of hatred for differing opinions on this site is getting worse. In the past, someone may have made a comment about religion or race that set others off; the comment may ha e been tangentially related to an episode. The hatred now oozes out when someone merely describes an episode. Kurtzman made it, so it must be bad, QED. Once we give own opinions the status of received wisdom, there is no logical limit to how unwelcome and hostile we will be to others who dare to think differently... or to think at all. I would like to think that if people who disagreed with each other on this site, met in real life, that they could at least hold a civil conversation, their having the commonality of being Trek fans, but I'm not so sure.
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