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Tue, Jan 9, 2018, 8:28am (UTC -5)
Re: DSC S1: Despite Yourself

It just occurred to me that the theme music of Discovery is absolute genius and 100% appropriate for the content of the show.

After the introductory "space, the final frontier" chimes+horns plagiarized from TOS which is rendered entirely pointless by the absence of narration, the theme sets into a series of repetitions based on 5 dramatic sounding arpeggios each following the other sequentially. Next, a violin enters the scene emphasizing with pathos a romanticized strain over the top of the arpeggiated melody, rising and building with each repetition. After 6 or 7 repetitions when this is well and truly drilled into our heads, we are treated to the classic horn fanfare which preceded the TOS and TNG themes, which here builds to nothing but a final conclusive "dun dun" to finish off the sequence.

It is the perfect soundtrack for a show that has nothing to say but says it anyway - emphatically and repetitively, rounded off with tributes to a legacy it can never hope to live up to. As a whole the theme it is intended only to create drama and tension while lacking direction or vision - just like Discovery itself. Unlike each of the previous themes (including even ENT) there is no sense of progression in the music, no feeling of being on a melodic voyage, just a series of motifs hammered into the listener with affectation and pretense. It reminds me of a dog staring up at its owner hoping that if it puts on a cute enough face and wags its tail pathetically enough it will get fed.
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