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Wed, Jun 27, 2018, 7:22pm (UTC -5)
Re: ENT S1: Broken Bow

Okay.. I get that a lot fans of Trek found the decontamination scene in Broken Bow to be over the top and unneeded.. However, for me I thought while all of the dialog between Trip and T'Pol in the scene could have been said in say the Mess Hall and it would have carried more weight. The fact is.. ENT was trying desperately hold on to the fan base.. but in the end, and I admit it freely drove a lot of the die hard fans away in droves.

Still that being said, when I first watched it when Enterprise debuted back in 2001, I was 23 years old... fresh out of the closet and then suddenly I got to see one of the main cast male characters in nothing but his tighty blues getting rubbed down with gel. While I had thought that Trip was cute from the first moment he appeared on camera with in the pilot episode and knew that his presence would be the reason for my continuing to watch ENT... The decon scene just locked my commitment. My only real complaint about is that someone asked Trinneer to shave his chest hair.. Doing so make him look impossibly younger... and as Conner said when asked about it. "All I remember about it was it felt really weird when it grew back in." as evidenced by his appearance in Desert Crossing running around shirtless.

Add to that the scene with Bakula as Captain Archer in his quarters also in his underwear and once again I was amused... Both Scott and Conner have nice bodies... as the old saying goes.. "If you got it Flaunt it..."

And for the straight guys in the audience we had T'Pol with her rock hard nipples. Fast-forward to season 3 episode "The Nursery" and we get to see the top half of her nicely shaped behind... and also the rather noticeable side boob (everything sans nipple) of the 3rd season opening episode.

Bottom line (no pun intended)... Human's are sexual creatures.. and for anyone to say that it was embarrassing to watch two grown adults acting out a scene where they were only doing what was at the time standard procedure and thinking it didn't fit in with how Trek should be is laughable.. It was just some very nice eye candy for us the viewers to enjoy.. Oh and my final thought with Conner Trinneer (Trip Tucker) I have read many comments online that he was at least at "half mast" when this scene was shot... as the actor himself said it best. "It was about as asexual as it gets.. you have to remember that there were thirty people standing behind the cameras while Jolene and I shot that scene... It was about sexy for me as getting as having dental surgery..."

Over all I still say, that Enterprise, is my second most favorite series after TNG... then DS9 and finally Voyager... I like one episode form the TOS only... Never could stand Shatner's bad acting!
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