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Fri, Jan 8, 2021, 8:59pm (UTC -5) | 🔗
Re: DSC S3: That Hope Is You, Part 2

After watching this season I have just one question: "How is it this bad?"
Seriously it looks like the writers made a conscious effort to make the whole story as dumb as possible to attract new viewers. It's the only explanation. Someone who gets paid to write cannot possibly make something this bad.
Like there are glimpses of what the show could be, with world building, with NiVar, Trill, Saru, there are stories there to tell, yet all we get is Discount Seska with a throwaway "empire", some ridiculous macguffin, and 0 character development.
Oh and the actress playing Micheal, that is some next level... apples acting. She is one of the worst if not THE worst actor to star in a ST show, and that is saying something. At least the old shows had an ensemble cast that could pull the less talented among them, in Discovery however she is given 70% of screen time and it. is. not. good.

This episode is on another level writing wise, even with the insanely low bar set by the previous ones. It's like they shot every suggestion from the writers room, and glued it all together with CGI:
- NiVar comes! Great what do they do? - Nothing at all - Sold
- We eject the warp core! Why? No reason other to put ourselves in unnecessary danger - Sold
- We nearly die trying to blow up a nacelle! Why? Who cares! - Sold
- Michel gets put into a moving wall! What's the wall? Dunno -How does she get out? Dunno - Sold, I'll take two of those
And there are many many many more.

As usual I should have given up on this show on episode 3 but somehow I keep thinking this band of semi-conscious monkeys that write and produce this pile of... apples will make something watchable. But now I am certain they won't.
I will of course keep on watching because I'm a masochist who can't help but watch anything remotely scifi (I mean I watched the ENTIRE S5 of Andromeda), but at least I will be calm knowing that it simply cannot get better.
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