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John O’Hara
Fri, Feb 28, 2020, 1:57pm (UTC -5)
Re: PIC S1: The Impossible Box

I haven’t posted here for a long time.

I’m enjoying this new incarnation of Trek because it reminds me Trek by it’s nature is the challenge to do just that, whilst remaining faithful to what has gone before. So it deserves a wide berth.

I’m enjoying it for what it is and clinging to hope for what it could be. There are some good moments across the episodes aired to date and lots of unrealized character potential. So I keep an open mind.

There have been a few outstanding moments (Seven/Picard dialogue topped only by the outstanding Picard/Hugh reunion) but I’m waiting for that outstanding episode to land. Hope we will see at least one this season.

Peace to all and that you to everyone for all of your views. And thank you to Jammer who started this for us 20 years ago.

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