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John Dunn
Wed, Aug 6, 2014, 7:36am (UTC -5)
Re: TNG S7: Emergence

I watched this episode from the perspective of it being one of the last episodes of the series. There was much foreshadowing of Deep Space Nine in season 7, with cameos by DS9 characters in TNG episodes. This episode was decidedly not good, but I got what they were attempting. The opening scene has Picard explaining to Data Shakespeare's perspective of Prospero being the change from one era from another, from the Renaissance to the modern era, and that Shakespeare was excited about it. Prospero represented the old, who had one last trick. TNG, at this point, was Prospero -- now the old series making way for a new one in Deep Space Nine, as well as looking forward to the large screen roll-out of TNG. It's Star Trek, so there must be allegory. The Enterprise, becoming self-aware, is "reproducing." The squiggly node in appearance resembled DS9. At the end of the episode, having completed this new "life form," it goes away, birthed from the Enterprise, out into Deep Space. I bet if I re-ran that scene, it's departure arch would have looked like a nine. Cornball, but given the nature of the writing in the last season, entirely expected. Then we see Picard explaining his willingness to allow this beast almost destroy the Enterprise because new life is good, or some such thing. There.
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