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John Drake
Fri, May 26, 2017, 1:07am (UTC -5) | 🔗
Re: VOY S5: Drone

I'd caught the tail end of this one a couple of years ago, so I knew how it resolved going in, but it was somewhat better than I'd expected. Agree that it's a mashup of "I, Borg" and "The Offspring", and that it combines three whiz-bang improbable, problem-spewing Treknologies (transporters, Borg nanoprobes and the mobile emitter) into a single ridiculous result (One), but they *almost* pull the thing off, and Jeri Ryan is dynamite as 7 (once again).

The biggest problem with the episode is there just isn't enough time for One to become enough of a part of the crew for his actions - or 7's reaction - to make much sense. They probably should have skipped the silliness with the nebula and began the episode with 7 trying to fix the Doctor's malfunctioning mobile emitter with nanoprobes. It would have appeared to have been a success, and 7 would have left it overnight in the science lab for a full diagnostic - right before the credits rolled we'd have seen it do its Borg thing...

Either that or expand "Drone" to a two parter, or even a loosely-connected set of "One" themed episodes. They could have been in the process of slowly removing what implants they could as they tried to make One more human, somewhere along the line triggering the regeneration of his signaling apparatus. Or maybe they'd have just encountered the Borg in some other unrelated circumstance and One could have sacrificed himself as part of an attempt to defeat them...

The final bit with One's death and Jeri Ryan's last scene was excellent - really powerful stuff - but it's unfortunate the process of getting there was somewhat unoriginal, uneven and terribly rushed. Unfortunately that describes most of the better Voyager episodes - this franchise really needed new blood, and instead Paramount let the same tired hacks run it straight into the ground.
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