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Fri, Jan 24, 2020, 11:58pm (UTC -5)
Re: PIC S1: Remembrance

I was really surprised by how much I liked this episode!

It's not perfect, but it sets a strong foundation for what's to come. The acting, set design, CG... I was really blown away by the visuals and spectacle.

As for the story, I enjoyed it but it'll really depend on the rest of the series. Unlike TNG, this one is so tied in to the storyline that I don't think this ep will be a great standalone visit many years in the future.

Still, I loved what I saw. It's so "true" to JLP, and I think that's exactly what it needs to be.

Eager for more!
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Mon, Feb 12, 2018, 2:36am (UTC -5)
Re: DSC S1: Will You Take My Hand?

Lol....I loved it, warts and all. I love all the Trek shows, warts and all. And as a woman, I still especially love so much xx in/driving the stories, especially in this episode. And especially after the latest misogyny stunts from our very real Emperor Rump, in the past week. That said, I do hope season 2, now that 'hello we're back' is out of the way, slows down a bit and lets us all get more used to our new shoes.
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Wed, Sep 26, 2007, 10:33pm (UTC -5)
Re: BSG S2: Scar

"Scar" ***1/2

Wow, Jammer the new look to your site is excellent. I have always found your reviews quite engaging. I think I've read most of them at this point in time. And I must say, it's amazing that you have been doing these reviews since HS, if I understand correctly.

However, I think you missed it with this episode. Indeed, "Scar" has a firm plot foundation on top of incredible special effects for a TV show (which you concede), great acting (as usual), and unrelenting tension between the characters who we really care about, especially Kara. Kara has unimaginable pain, angst, and confusion swirling in the core of her life. This plays out later in the series.

What you fail to understand about the Kara/Lee relationship is how complicated it really is. Come on, think about it. Kara was basically married to Lee's brother who was killed in a devastating accident. Of course there will be insurmountable relational barriers that will most likely never be broken through. The two often relate to each other as big brother and little sister.

The Kara/Kat conflict is also intriguing. Maybe a bit formulaic like you suggest, but very well done. One angle that comes through in a subtle yet effective way, is how a student eventually can match and even pass the competence of their mentor. This is a difficult thing for many teachers to embrace. Ever since "Act of Contrition," we have seen Kara's junior fighter pilots grow by leaps and bounds. It was inevitable that one would challenge her greatness.

Perhaps the most powerful part of this episode is its ending. Toasting the fallen comrades of the war and the very realistic dialogue between Kara and Helo was emotionally compelling and underscores Kara's dedication to Anders(it would be interesting to know more about their apparently long friendship). The pensive music from the movie "The Deer Hunter" also added to the feeling and impact of the ending.

So Jammer, take another look at "Scar" and I think you will bump up your rating. It is easily the best stand-alone episode of the season.
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