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Jerry H
Sun, Nov 12, 2017, 1:19am (UTC -6)
Re: TOS S3: Whom Gods Destroy

My TOS buddies can't understand why this episode is in my top 10.

The answer is plain and simple - it contains 3 of the most compelling and entertaining scenes of all time. All 3 take place in the control room:

1. Garth as Kirk attempts to beam up when Scotty issues the "Queen to Kings level 3" directive

2. Garth as Spock and the real Kirk attempt to beam up when Kirk becomes suspicious

3. Garth as Kirk and the real Kirk are confronted by Spock who is confused as to the identity of the real Kirk.

Unfortunately the rest of the episode is fairly weak filler although Steve Ihnat, who plays Garth does a masterful acting job. If those same 3 scenes were used in a more meaningful plot, we'd be talking about the #1 ranked episode by far.
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