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Wed, Nov 14, 2012, 11:14pm (UTC -5)
Re: TNG S1: The Battle

Like you all, I found it annoying that Wesley had to play any role in this episode, but the worst part of "The Battle," in my opinion, is that throughout the episode, there lacks any reason why the Ferengi vessel should still be in close proximity to the Enterprise. I guess I'll go ahead and buy the premise of their original meeting,an unknown mission of diplomacy, but once it is revealed that Daimon Bok simply wants to give a gift (and a suspicious one at that) to the Federation, wouldn't everyone logically just go home? And, wouldn't suspicions abound on the Enterprise about Bok's motive? Wouldn't Data go through all of the Enterprise's files and use his super-computer mind to figure out possible scenarios for sabotage? Instead, for the entire episode, the two ships remains uncomfortably locked in cruise control next to each other, thus allowing Bok to carry out his diabolical plan with the mind control device. I don't know, I just kept asking myself, Why haven't they parted ways yet?
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