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JacobTee 7
Wed, Jul 24, 2019, 8:58pm (UTC -6)
Re: The Franchise's Future

Well I felt the same at this point in time bsck in 99. But i wanted to comment after viewing st enterprise in 2011 or so, i felt the 4th season was excellent, and like thd longer story arcs. I think only the ghost story transporter wheel chair bound scientist looking for his son...was it? The only one stand alone on from season 4. Enterprise did the whole war angle in an attempt to kickstart the show in season 3. It was good, but really felt it was not the original plan. Who knows. While i liked s3. I dont think it jumped over a shark. I wondered when is romulan war. ..and had to settle for paperback novels by pocket books there.
Anyways this time frame 1999 is when kay bee had trek dolls on the bargin shelf red penned down real cheap, so i liked that fond memory. I also recall being done with voyager post 1996 with me only watching deep space when it was on.
It only read novels during this time, actually the stream of tos on in 08 reawakened my passion for star trek. Entetprise i got up to speed on next, having loved tng, and deep space. Tos movies i grew up with, adored tmp.
Good site...with seven oh nine on the new picard show, i mite watch the voyager again and catch up with her chrachter.
Only know she was sad in the full circle novel or was it unworthly after the borg ate pluto and janeway ...wentv away. Plus she was with chacko or something....books will be all overwritten by the new psuedo alternate 25 percent different trek anyway soon.

Jake t. 7
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