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Jacob T. Taylor
Tue, Jul 20, 2010, 4:10am (UTC -5)
Re: ENT S3: Damage

So far the best episode of STAR TREK: ENTERPRISE ever! I could easily relate to T'Pols addiction to the Trelloum and loved her awakening from a bad dream sequence while having a restless bad dream. It was very familar to me and chilling. It has been on my mind for years that not since early TNG,then Jem Hadars white dependance, has drug addiction been mentioned. I applaud the writer for not making moral judgments in this episode. No one ever plans on becoming an addict. It was a nice touch of reality in TREK. Archers decision is something that is less likely to be seen on other TREK series. By Picards time he was an evolved human, who wouldnt compromise his morals for anyone. Here we have Johnathan Archer doing just that. I also felt it was interesting that this episode was coupled with TPols addiction in doing what she had to do- just as Archer was. As is the case in many drug addictions moral right and wrong no longer apply to an extent and getting well or better to end the hell is the only thing that matters. Just as Archer is trying to fix Enterprise and make it better. Four popcorns! :)
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