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Mon, Dec 19, 2016, 1:33pm (UTC -5) | 🔗
Re: DS9 S6: In the Pale Moonlight

Garak knows what he is - truly self-actualized. And that makes him, in a way, the most admirable of the DS-9 regulars. I'm getting a bit tired of all the plot-lines with our heroes revealing themselves capable of doing questionable, sometimes even despicable things, and having the writers try to rehabilitate them with a few minutes of handwringing - and then on to the next episode.

Kira was a murderous terrorist who killed innocents. Not long ago she interfered with an official investigation of serial murders to go off on her own, while carrying an innocent baby in her womb, on some half-cocked revenge mission. She survived only because some writer figured out how to have her eat some herbs that would counteract a sedative that would prevent the murderer from cutting a non-viable fetus out of her womb before killing her too.

How can anyone argue that Sisko's not the obsessive type? His reckless pursuit of Eddington, and now this craziness with him deciding, unilaterally, that billions of a species need to be on his side of a war, or else.... And for someone who's supposed to be such a great dad, let's not forget he not only introduced, but left alone, his son to his mother's "mirror-universe" counterpart. Even if she didn't kidnap him and almost cause his death, who thought it was a good idea to let his son deal with that kind of psychological weight on his own?

"Old" Odo erased the existence of 8000 people beause he "loved" Kira so much. Yikes. Later in another episode he's so jazzed up getting gooey with a Founder that he completely neglects his duty and nearly gets everyone killed.

In what is considered to be the finest episode of the series, Jake is more than willing to make sure that the woman he befriends and shows his work to will never exist, along with an entire timeline of other people and events, just because he wants his Daddy back.

This may be the most self-centered group of TV series regulars since the Seinfeld crew. But thank goodness there's Garak. He makes no pretense about getting what he wants at any cost. He knows what he is, and he's very, very good at it. In a way, he's the moral center of the show. :)
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Sat, Dec 10, 2016, 7:45am (UTC -5) | 🔗
Re: DS9 S5: The Darkness and the Light

Kira confirms she was a terrorist who killed innocent families and children indiscriminately during the occupation. She recklessly put the Obriens' baby at risk and he would have died if not for a gimmicky plot device involving herbs that counteract sedatives. She submarines the official investigation of a serial murder spree and if others had been killed before she found Prin she would arguably be responsible for even more deaths unless someone wants to make the argument that Kira is a better investigator than Odo, which is silly. This episode succeeded only in making me forever contemptuous of a main character. Not a fan.
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Fri, Dec 9, 2016, 4:01pm (UTC -5) | 🔗
Re: DS9 S5: Children of Time

Just getting to these comments and haven't read them all, so at the risk of redundancy, this episode interested, and somewhat annoyed, me to the point that I have to put my thoughts down somewhere.

Taking the temporal science premise of the show as truth to avoid THAT discussion and getting to the ethics of it all: Eventually, every one of the people from "our" DS9 timeline determined that they could not be responsible for extinguishing 200 years of reality and 8000 living sentient humanoids. And every one of those 8000 people wanted to live. But, the older version of Odo "loved" Kira so much he was willing to go against the wishes of every other person on that planet, including hers. And so Oldo surreptitiously made a selfish, unilateral contrary decision that wiped out a society from existence.

Yes, Oldo is 200 years older than her version, but it's the same shapeshifter with the same Founder DNA or whatever it is they have. I personally can't believe Kira ever talked herself into falling for him later, knowing what he was capable of.

Then again, Kira herself is a terrorist who killed innocent people for the sake of Bajor, so maybe they were meant for each other.....
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Fri, Dec 9, 2016, 2:49pm (UTC -5) | 🔗
Re: DS9 S5: Let He Who Is Without Sin...

As a neanderthal male, I question the testosterone count of any member of my gender who would give 0 stars to an episode featuring that much of Terry Farrell's legs and Chase Masterson's cleavage.

Besides that, yes it was a paint-by-numbers type of episode but I enjoyed it as a harmless trifle, primarily because of being able to watch some of the DS9 regulars letting their hair down on R&R. And even though the Worf soccer story was kinda lame, I did like the fact that there was some attempt made to explain why Worf struggles to repress his Klingon instincts at times. Him being raised by human parents wasn't it, and again - I accidentally killed a kid on the soccer field isn't exactly the most interesting backstory - but give them a C minus at least for effort.
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Fri, Dec 9, 2016, 2:36pm (UTC -5) | 🔗
Re: DS9 S5: Nor the Battle to the Strong

I don't care for Jake-centric episodes much anyway, but the ending here felt all wrong, with the "all is well, see you next week for more fun and hi-jinks" moment of Daddy hugging Jake who has that simpleminded smile on his face. As Robro noted above, that was absolutely the wrong tone for an episode that tried to explore the internal struggle between fear and duty. I've never been on a battlefield. I've never been in a situation where I had a choice between following my conscience or knowing I might lose my life. And I wonder what I would do in those circumstances. So while I liked the premise of the story, the execution was leaden and the ending was all wrong.
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