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Ilya Landa
Tue, Feb 7, 2012, 11:36am (UTC -6)
Re: DS9 S3: Past Tense, Part I

Correct. No controllable time travel for another 1000 years. Unless you really need to; then just warp around a star and be where you need to be.
Ok. I know that "Star Trek: Save the Whales" is not considered a technical cannon, but it would be nice to have O'Brien discuss the possibility with Kira.
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Ilya Landa
Sun, Dec 4, 2011, 6:54pm (UTC -6)
Re: ANDR S1: The Banks of the Lethe

First – to address your review, I did not find acting so wooden here as to detract from the episode. Now – what I want to talk about: the plot is a mess.

The episode opens and, whoa, did I somehow miss an episode? Andromeda spent the beginning of the season looking for supplies (which doesn’t seem to be an issue now that they fuel from start and nanobots seem to be able not only to repair, but to create new equipment – Andromeda’s full complement of sensor drones), and Dylan spent the time listening to Tyr telling him how everyone is going to laugh at his idea of restoring the Commonwealth. But the episode opens and Andromeda is accommodating a high-level group from a science-driven civilization, who, by the way, think that this Commonwealth thing sounds great and, sure, they’ll sign the charter.

Now, for the time-travel on the cheap: Dylan sends a message into the Black Hole. I expected Sara to receive the message after failing to rescue Andromeda. Instead, Sara receives the message right away. How? Is Dylan sending message to that exact point or is he transmitting throughout history? He didn’t know when Sara would be there, but if he is transmitting throughout history, how is Sara able to view the message continuously? And once Dylan realizes that Sara’s there, they just set up a stable channel.

Meanwhile, Chin-Faces with Harper’s help are able to finish development of a time-space teleporter, something Commonwealth wasn’t able to do throughout millennia of peace. And then Harper goes and sends a melon to himself in the past. What? After the future melon appears, Harper goes to place the present melon into the teleporter to send it into the past. What if he hadn’t put in the date correctly? What if he didn’t put in the melon at all? Was he even able to not put the melon there? Did the future melon appearing in the present lock the universe into Harper sending the melon into the past? If it didn’t, could’ve Harper sent some money to him into the past and then not send it, ending up with twice as much money? But even with what is shown, possibilities are huge. Can they send all Andromeda’s guns into the past after the battle and end up with twice the firepower for the said battle? Unfortunately, I won’t be surprised if none of this tech is ever used again since it requires a black hole to function.

Finally, Dylan goes to bring Sara from the past, but it doesn’t work. Why? I could accept an explanation that the timeline is prohibiting it. However, the explanation is that they don’t have enough bandwidth. So, in the episode where they play fast an loose with time and space, they are stopped by a mundane technical problem. Well, solve it! Send a bigger pattern enhancer into the past. Technobabble it away somehow! Also, Sara says that they can’t free Andromeda because they are all out of Gravity Drones. Well, why not send some from the future? No Gravity Drones on board of (future) Andromeda, just fly away, buy some, come back, and send them back into the same point in time.

Or, even better – send a slipstream fighter 302 years into the past with a warning about the Nitchean invasion and save the original Commonwealth. But that’s just it – the episode gives so much capability to the Andromeda crew, granting them almost god-like powers, but fails to use them to use them to any meaningful extent.

However, on a more personal note, I wish Dylan would’ve stayed in the past with Sara. It has been shown many times that she means the world to him. But I guess he now has to go back to the love-struck ship (when he asked Andromeda if she felt him touching her, I got a strong impression that she wanted to say that she did), and Miss Valentine (unless she is into cooking).
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