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Tue, Aug 20, 2019, 6:53am (UTC -5)
Re: TNG S4: First Contact

@Jason R
"Although it's funny someone mentioned Vash because kind of the same thing happened to her in Q Pid with Sir Guy or I guess would eventually have happened if Vash hadn't gone soft and tried to rescue Picard."

Yap, Exactly. Vash more or less face the same situation in Q-pid, forced by Guy to marry him. What Vash do? Taking advantadge of that situation and try to deceive Sir Guy. No way i see it as Vash got raped if the marriage come. Coerced, maybe, but not a rape. As she's depicted willing to manipulate the whole situation, took advantadge and even go along with it if necessary.

This also happen again when Vash dumped Picard in favor of Q. She's willing to dump Picard for Q because the latter offer more and it suit her need.
Vash is a maneater version of Riker. In no way i could she her got raped in both situation.
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Tue, Aug 20, 2019, 4:41am (UTC -5)
Re: TNG S4: First Contact

I'm quite surprise by the strong feeling of 'Riker got raped'. I never saw it as Riker got raped and pretty much agree with @ William B and Peter G take on this.
Mainly because Riker character been potrayal as a ladies man, who's enjoyed this kind of thing as long as both party agreed and liked it.
At best, we could say that Riker being coerced into it, and he hesitant and reluctantly agreed to the term. But nothing even remotely suggest that Riker got raped. My take could be different if the character was someone else, such as Wesley or LaForge for instance.

If the reversal gender being applied, i still feel the same way..
It depends on who's on it. If it's Vash... I wouldn't see it as rape. Vash character been potrayed as a woman who wouldn't hesitate to do dubious thing if it's suit her need.
My take could be different if the character was someone else, such as Beverly or Pulaski for instance.
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Tue, Aug 13, 2019, 4:33am (UTC -5)
Re: ENT S2: The Breach

Well. As a caver myself, the caving/climbing sequence gave me a chuckle.
No helmet? No safety line, No cowstail, No Backup Anchor?.
Using friend/cam as anchor, not a python?
Or better yet, maybe using a 22 century equivalent of injection/pressured python?
Arresting 2 fallen person on a momentum without anchor/securing yourself first?
Heh, goodluck.

A bit remind me to some of the silly scene from 'Vertical Limit'.
The director obviously had some consultant for the scene, as they using some 'real gear'. Pity, they didn't use it in a more realistic manner and scenario. But going in for a full dramatic instead of realistic.
But to their credit, scene wise at least they did it a little better compared to previous trek.

As Phlox/Antaran plot. I wished it's more subtle. Seeing a repressed resentment of the Antaran would be more interesting than just seeing him lashed out the moment he see Phlox.

Overall, it's an enjoyable episode but nothing special or remarkable.
2 star or 2.5 max.
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Mon, Jul 29, 2019, 3:53pm (UTC -5)
Re: DS9 S3: Second Skin

"Is that true? Maybe I'll have to watch Chain of Command again soon. I seem to remember thinking that Picard probably did have the intel and that they simply couldn't break him. The serum didn't work iirc, and he was only giving them information that they already had. I suspect that the Cardassians were really correct that the Enterprise was vital to that sector's defence, and right until the end I think the Cardassians were still planning to invade - right up until their fleet got mined."

They got some information from Picard, the serum worked. But it turns out not to the extent they were hoping as Picard not the head of strategic command on Cardassian section. This were implied both within the interogation, and Enterprise crew under Jellico command discussing over the motive of luring and kidnapping Picard.

Once it was clear that Picard already told what he knew, they changed that.
I think it was pretty clear the tone changed with the way Gul Madred talk to her daughter infront of Picard telling her that 'human is animal', water torture, starving and eating infront of him, manipulating Picard to make him believe Beverly were hold hostage to make Picard more cooperative and into submission, offering a bribe, and of course that 'i see four light'.
It was much more into making Picard to submit defeat, to broke his mental that he prone and could be used for further purpose in the future.
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Mon, Jul 29, 2019, 1:33pm (UTC -5)
Re: DS9 S3: Second Skin

"I understand where Ildaf's coming from - if you put any amount of critical thinking into the situation there's no way you could believe that Kira was actually Cardassian all along."

Yap. That is my point, and why i think it's a waste of time trying to convice us beyond act 2, and all to the end of conclusion. Too much dragging without moving the plot.

@Peter G

"Think of it like Picard and "there are four lights". In Chain of Command the audience isn't expected to believe that there are five lights, and it would silly to say that episode fails because we can plainly see only four lights."

The thing with Picard is, the episode acknowledged pretty early that the interrogation is going nowhere and over once it was clear that Picard already told everything he know after given the truth serum and has no information value left.
After that, the tone changed into psychologycal war, battle of wit. The intention was no longer to collect information. But rather to broke Picard mental into submission, manipulating him so he either he had to acknowledge defeat or potentially used for further brainwash into agent or just simply a precious hostage.

Compare this with Kira, which dragging the interrogation scene to the very end, still trying to forced us to 'believe' Kira is really a Cardassian spy.

As with Garak. Well, i already said my piece.
The situation is not desperate enough to warrant an extortion.
I just don't think it's a good writing while they could do it with many other way.
We don't have to agree on everything of course.

Thanks all for the good discussion.


PS : I watched DS9 episodes randomly long ago. Just rewatching it now.
On to the end of 3rd season of DS so far.
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Mon, Jul 29, 2019, 8:57am (UTC -5)
Re: DS9 S3: Second Skin

@Jason R.
"I'd watch it. Sounds better than the Michael Burnham Show"

Sadly... I have to agree with you.

Yes, it's fun. ;)
I think what annoyed me much is i really like the premise and think this could be a real classic. I like the opening and conclusion part.

It just in between of that... They just go round and round, i feel like they go in the wrong direction to tackle the issue.
We could have Kira trying hard to solved the riddle, starting to breakdown while OO gave her an overwhelmed false evidence to try to convince her. In short, a real thriller of psychology.

Instead, we kept getting over and over again those lame interrogation scene.
By the third time they showed those darn scene again, i groan...

That draggish part of going nowhere, and the writer decision to make Sisko resort to extort Garak is what ruined the episode for me.
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Mon, Jul 29, 2019, 5:16am (UTC -5)
Re: DS9 S3: Second Skin

"For Kira the question was: Why are they doing this to me? What she didn't know was that she was just a pawn in a game that wasn't really about her"

Exactly. Yet, Kira never shown to really tried to uncover the truth behind this. Instead we're given over and over again the scene of interrogation and the father trying to convice her as is we just should accept it at face value. Lame.

"You do understand what a sleeper agent is? She was part of Shaakars resistence group, not the leader of the resistence. I don't know if you lack empathy but the character Kira has seen far more crazy stuff during the occupation than a sleeper agent."

Me, lack of empathy? Way to go!
Whatever her position, it's pretty clear that she know many vital information and doing a lot contribution in the resistance. So you saying that putting someone as sleeper agent for 10 years which effectively helping the underground movement is making sense?
While no information or anything helpful to Cardassia during those long years received from those sleeper agent? This make sense to you? No intermediary contact and supervisor during those decade? Good for you then. I don't buy it...

"They never wanted to really convince her. They just wanted to mess her up enough to make Ghemor act."
In order to mess her they have to convice her right? Yet, nothing on the shown that Kira should believe this BS.

"Why would he suspect that??"
He's in the dissident movement hunted by OO. That fact alone should make him very careful and double check everything presented to him. It could also could be the opposite which Bajoran operative trying to pass into Cardassian world. Or if anything just to do a complete check up of everything for the sake of her own daughter health. There is many reason why he should suspect it, it just you so adamant that you don't want to see it.

I guess you would have argued: "No Captain, we cannot coerce this monster. We have to let Kira die on Cardassia! What's for dinner?"

"We know that she isn't Cardassian because if she were she would be out of the show. Or would we watch the tales of Iliana, ruthless Obsidian spy, hero of Cardassia.
It is like when Sisko is in danger. We know that he is not going to die.
The question is how he gets out of that tough situation."

Again, exactly my point which seems you just dont get it.
We know Kira couldn't be Cardassia. So why not move on from that stupid lengthy interrogation scene and move on with the plot with Kira trying to uncover the real truth or real escape attempt.
Yet, they done this scene of interrogation for almost the entire show... See!

No. They just simply to use other way or don't use him at all on rescue mission.
The writer could do much better than just opted and endorse to extortion.
If you agree that action. Well, good for you. Hope that dinner of Garak heart is delicious. I don't enjoy it.

Are you telling we should judge whatever Garak previous sin and action? Not based on what he's done up to this on DS9 station? Should we also judged Quark, and put all other station guest for scrutiny before they board DS9?
Wow... just wow!
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Sun, Jul 28, 2019, 8:32pm (UTC -5)
Re: DS9 S3: Second Skin

@ Booming.
It failed on delivery then. I never bought for one second that the plot can successfully convice Kira, since we already know it's 'impossible' for Kira to be a Cardassian and not making any sense on so many level.

Kira is a major figure of Bajor underground movement. If she's really a Cardassian operative, then the Cardassian and the plot should shown what benefit and information that Kira had given to them over those 10 years or so. Otherwise, this seems even more stupid because basically Cardassian helped the Bajoran to fight themself by giving a trained operative to fight them. See!

How about showing more childhood scene, DNA test, false intel report to show Kira involvement helped Cardassian, etc.
The point is the show do nothing trying to convince us Kira is really a Cardassian, i suspect maybe because they know it really is ridiculous and not forcing that issue.

But they opted and insist to do 'the interrogation' and bonding with 'the father' to almost the entire length of the show bar the last 5 minutes of conclusion.


"I think the episode was about how a combination of desperation and sophisticated methods can distort your sense of self and it did that very well."

No it didn't work because it didn't make any sense at all. Even Kira mocking it by answering it dismissively. The sudden reversal at the end when Kira shown starting to doubt herself is almost made me throw up because nothing shown is believable and reasonable. There is nothing apart from those video (which we know on 24th century and sophisticated surgery/make up) could easily be tampered. Kira really had no reason to believe what shown to her thus far.

Heck, if the Pralate had any sense and doing a discreet and independent DNA test to prove that he is really her father, the whole story will fall apart!


"And Garak at that point was certainly no prince in shining armor but a ruthless spy completely dependent on the goodwill of his former enemies. Without coercion he wouldn't have lifted a finger for anybody."

Yes, Garak is no prince. But although the relationship being fragile, so far he's shown to be a useful. Does it makes any sense to antagonize someone who useful to us?

Are you telling you justified coercion to someone proving to be quite useful, not guilty, and giving you an invaluable information.
Thus asked him to gave his heart while he already gave his limb? Wow!
That is ridiculous, they could go with many other way to reason or not using him at all for the rescue mission. Instead Sisko opted to coerced? Brilliant!

Someone gave you a wallet that you lost, and then you forced him to help you to finding the money in that wallet although and fight the robber although it's clear that his not the thieve and just try to help you. Awesome!
Moral of the story. No good deed goes unpunished i suppose.
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Sat, Jul 27, 2019, 6:02pm (UTC -5)
Re: DS9 S3: Second Skin

Good episode, but nowhere close to great.
The only strong point is the closing act with the dissident revelation.
But for the most part of 40 minutes, the stories is really going nowhere with pointless scene.

Really. There's no way audience can believe that Kira is Cardassian, it would be equivalent to character assasination and ruined Kira.

So minutes after long minutes we ponder what the true motive by kidnapping Kira. But instead of going with the direction of Kira trying to discover the real truth and scheme behind all of this, or a real attempt to make communication and escaped. We're given the repeated scene of the investigator trying to get some information with stupid question, or 'the father' trying to convice his daugther. It's going nowhere and filled the entire episode.
Sorry, it's dragging and lame, it didn't deliver and convincing... I almost fall to sleep waiting the plot to progress.

Why it has to be Kira? If it's only for the 'likeness' reason, they certainly has a surgery method which can made anyone to appear like the Pralate daughter. It would much more make sense to use someone from the Obsidian or Control Command member to unravel the 'dissident movement'.
It's hugely contrived without making any sense.
It's only designed to deceive us to never suspect the 'real motive' and the big revelation in the end. But it doesn't make sense if we think about it for a second.

Luckily the final act redeemed the boring and lame of kidnapping and interrogating part. Nana Visitor deliver strong performance on the final act and overall her acting improved over the season. But it didn't quite sell in earlier part as a confusing and isolated person being kidnapped.

Another thing that bother me a lot is Sisko extortion to Garak.
This is stupid and silly. So, moral of the story is if you helped someone you should be prepared to being coerced? It's not enough that Garak give Bashir and Sisko a vital information regarding Kira, but he's also had to be coerced?
Garak gave you a limb and now Sisko also demand his heart?
Jeez! This is terrible.

On top of it, it doesn't even a sensible decision. Garak has proven to be useful for Federation by giving a crucial information and intel with his Cardasian insight, unique position and invaluable contact.
How come coerced Garak and risk alienating him would benefit in the long run?
It might even instanteneously damaging with this direct confrontation.
This is stupid.

All and all, i'm quite happy with the resolution on the final act.
It just that they have to go round and round to go there, along with the stupid decision and motive which ruined the whole episode for me.

1.5 - 2 stars.
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Sat, Jun 29, 2019, 4:51pm (UTC -5)
Re: VOY S6: The Haunting of Deck Twelve

I like this episode, and it's refreshing to see Neelix put into a good use and not just being plain annoying. Telling it from Nelix point of view reading story to borg children were nice.

The minor issue i have is some of the scene seems dragged, and the silly scene of Janeway threatening the 'life form' and shouting... it's annoying and trite.
Also, nebulae is spanned across few light years to hundreds light years wide. How the hell a small starship like Voyager could cause the Nebulae to collapsed and dissapear is beyond me...

2 star or 2 1/2 for me.
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Sat, Jun 29, 2019, 11:52am (UTC -5)
Re: VOY S6: Life Line

"The Mar 1's scrubbing plasma conduits was just a joke that doubled as a means of explaining Zimmerman's issues with the Doctor. If it fell flat for you, it fell flat. However, it's a minor issue. Making a big deal out of it is asinine."


I disagree, it's not a minor. While in overall i love this episode and rate it as a great (3 star), this part and the overplay of shouting match still bug me and made it a bit fall short for becoming truly great and classic.

I highly doubt they intend to made the 'scrubbing plasma' as a joke. Even if it's intially was, they still carry on this idea and for sure not joking, as they confirmed this and made it as a main premise of "Author, Author", we even get the chance to see the scene of dozens EMH-1 doing menial task on mine site.

This is a big let down to me, because... let's face it, it's not just unbeliavable, the premise is beyond absurd and ridiculous.
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Tue, Feb 14, 2017, 11:53pm (UTC -5)
Re: VOY S2: Projections

Doc having trouble when visiting holodeck.
Well.. who's better than Barclay for holodeck problem, our beloved holo-dict character, and the result is.... Awesome!

Barclay even mentioned to Doc he has HTDS (Holo Transference Dementia Syndrome), coming from Barclay.. this is really something, and to prove his point.. he slap Doc in the face!. Picardo reaction is priceless!.

The two man has great chemistry, and watching them changing line with their antique-ness is a real pleasure!

The malfunctioning so conveniently provide everything the program need to trick the Doctor into believe he is a real person (Barclay his assistant, Kes as wife, life-sign, and complete bio Zimmerman of holo-Voyager). All of this can be explained by read and using the memory data on Doc to create the delusion.
But one thing that bother me and the big game changer for all of this is the ability to feel pain, where that come from? His program doesn't need and have this, so that's kinda come from nowhere.

The delusion of Doc also suggest his desire to become a 'real person', not only just a programming. That's expected actually, with The Doc pretty much is a Data version of Voyager.
The ending is interesting, show us that Doc accept his nature that he is a 'mere program', but with an obvious foreshadowing he is (or will become) more than that.

Great episodes, but I don't think it has a big impact, depth, outstanding, or become a classic one to warrant 4 stars.

3 (***) stars
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Tue, Feb 14, 2017, 6:39pm (UTC -5)
Re: VOY S1: Learning Curve


I think they are. I noticed the writer made several time this kind of self-satire, very likely it's intentional. Maybe to nudge the higher up? Braga? Who knows what really behind the screen.

In 'Worst Case Scenario' :
"Who says deus ex Machina is an outdated literaly device?" -- Janeway
The very next episodes Janeway got her wishes with Seven join the crew.
Literally a walking Deus Ex Machina ;)

In 'Tinker Tenor Doctor Spy' :
"Warp core breach a lot sooner than you're think" -- Computer
We know the Voyager habbit cliche of saving in the nick of second

In 'Muse' they're actually made self-parody of Voyager, and it's quite fun but also serious.


Yeah, I understand.
I have a weak spot for something historical related. I love 'Distant Origin' for that reason, and really angry with '37' because they ruined and wasted what is a great premise and potential to be classic episode.


Thank you. I'm Indonesian :)
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Tue, Feb 14, 2017, 5:35pm (UTC -5)
Re: VOY S2: Initiations

Chakotay needs to be alone in shuttle, long way from the mother-ship just for his ritual? yea right, sounds like good idea eh..

'Kulbit maneuvers' in space battle, I'm half expecting 'Pugachev's Cobra' will be performed next. But why bother doing inside loop maneuvers on 1vs1 situation when phaser in 24th century can fire in any direction?

Aah.. The kid want to die after being saved by Chakotay, because he considered die in a battle is honorable.. sounds familiar? Damn!! Why can't we have a cunning opponent species, who do what it takes to achieves his goal.
Why can't this kid to be intelligent by observing his enemies, curious about this new culture, absorb everything he can learn from this new species and it's technology. Then take advantadge of it at the right time by reclaim the shuttle (kill Chakotay along with it also help us), because 'he consider it's honorable to help his people and defend his space'.

Instead, this kid is continually begging to let me die.. let me die.. let me die..
Just kill yourself if it's really that matter will ya. But no, he is all bark and effectively letting Chakotay to 'brainwash' him.

The Kazon having some similar trait to Klingon, but more than that, they're now officially branded to be just another hard-headed-alien eh. Instead using the Kid for inteligence data, they just want to kill him to 'teach lessons' for other kids, also hell-bent to after and kill Chakotay with the kid when both escaped.

Voyager can scan and pick up a tiny rust in the middle of nowhere. But can't immediately determine a Kazon shuttle debris by scan.. and for that matter, a federation own shuttle. They need to beam it in to determine that?
Doc need to scrapping debris in sickbay to find if there's a human remnants, what happen to bio-scan?
Oh boy, seems to me they just don't have enough scene time and have to fit it with pointless investagating scene (or to give other main cast something to do).

Neelix prove his usefulness with knowledge of the region and Kazon. He push the Kazon to reason and avoid a possible battle, good to see him actually utilized on the show.
So the Kazon willing to negotiate and can be reason with, that's good to see.

But wait.. wasn't all this trouble begin because they are a hard-headed-alien that just go for kill.. kill... glory in battle, and protect their region. Suddenly they are now a reasonable people?
If they are reasonable, why attack Chakotay shuttle in the first place?
They are well aware that the mother-ship is nearby and will looking for them regardless what the result of Chakotay if they attack the shuttle. The end result will be the same, a direct confrontation which they now seek to avoid. So why attack the shuttle in the first place?
I'm confused, it seems they have a button that turn them between hard-headed-alien and reasonable-races at a moment's notice.

Regardless. I'm glad with the Kazon development. Razik, the Kazon-sect leader offer an alliances, which is a reasonable thing to do rather than opposing species with a clear superior technology. This could make things more interesting and complex development. I hope that hard-headed-alien button is now discarded.

The conclusion is very impressive, manage to avoid the cliche of Chakotay falsify death for Kar benefit.
Instead Kar double back and kill Razik, it's a reasonable for them, and in the process kill many birds on one shot with this single powerful act. Kar accepted back to the Kazon, the alliances door that offered by Razik back to square one with his death, and Federation maintan their status quo as unwelcomed party for Kazon. It is a very well done!

Pacing could use a little help here, but Eisenberg deliver a respectable performance to offset it.
Overall, its a quite enjoyable episodes with some minor inconsistensies, and a bit silly opening.

2.5 star
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Tue, Feb 14, 2017, 6:21am (UTC -5)
Re: VOY S2: The 37's

A piece of Alpha Quadrant for the opening!

Everyone already said it, picking up rust and truck in space is ridiculous (why the alien left it floating in space?), found it in working condition is even more so.
But I have to admit, I have a soft spot for piece of history. So watching an old truck floating in space, fire it up, then later found Earhart is interesting and amusing for me, I like it.
The scene of Janeway-Torres ducking, and Tuvok draw phaser when the exhaust pipe 'fire up' was hilarious!

I think this is a very enticing premise, and if they can put it right, it has potential to be one of the classic. Too bad it is not, they wasted it!

The crew amused with a 20th century equipment, which is understandable and provide amusement for us too. But c'mon, we're (suppose) not that ancient, maybe an antique would be more accurate.
To keep refer it as ancient, almost oblivious, show little-to-no appreciation of 20th century achievement and their own history, made them look like an ignorant people. I sure hope our offspring in advanced civilization wouldn't be so ignorance to their ancestor.
I imagine Geordi and Barclay would be jumping all over the car, Picard would be awestruck, and Kirk find it exiting.

So they land, nice special effect. But here's start that the show really going downhill, wasted the interesting premise, and using PIS (Plot Induced Stupidity) [TM] to advance the stories :

* Fine, they don't know there's city and civilization down there while orbiting the planet because whatever-interference, but surely they should immediately notice that after they land the ship. No more interference from atmosphere, the tricorder work just fine, no reason they can't notice that.
* 400 years old plane look pristine, alright i'll forgive and overlook that just as with the truck.
* Wow, Janeway found A. Earhart! Cool. Do we really need hear her s.p.e.l.l. the letter?
* So, Earhart and couple hundreds of Earthling was abducted from Earth to Delta Quadrant 70.000 ly away for.. what? Slave?. Are the Delta Quadrant so rare on species for that? Kazon, Talax, Ocampa, Vidiians, Uhnori, Sikarians, Haakonian, Mokra, Hirogen, and dozens other forehead-alien-of-the-week [TM] that Voyager found swarming the DQ beg to differ. Why a highly advanced civilization even need a measly human for that matter?
* Apparently the voyager crew was too stupid looking for concealed weapon, and the tricorder (naturally) couldn't detect that too.
* Gosh.. It was already annoying enough to have hard-headed-alien every couple week. Now the crew revive a human, and they're having syndrome of hard-headed-alien too. Groooaaan!
* Is a human on 20th century (particularly pictured by Fred) is viewed to be really that stupid? Can't listen to reason? Try to overthrow what an obviously advanced people with superior technology by brute froce in frontal confrontation?
* Ah no.. Turn out Fred is not that stupid. Because Voyager crew is even more stupid. They don't have a backup plan if something goes awry, they don't prepare a way to protect themself, they're being held hostage and helpless by 400 years (ancient, ironic isn't) old human with inferior technology.

At this point i'm ready to skip the rest of this episodes. But i still hope there's some redeeming development to come and satisfying closure. But noooo... the Plot Induce Stupidity [PIS] still continue at full warp!

* They try to convince people 4 centuries behind to realize their nature and what are they now, but they don't bother to bring some prove? You expect they just trust and accept you with talking?
* Aahh.. So all that stupidity setup apparently for the benefit of Janeway made a compelling speech to convince Earthart, and for Earhart take charge the lead of the 37 group (sorry, it doesn't made you look cool after all the stupidity beforehand Captain, especially with a soap story)
* Another alien group appears, and.. they are again hard-headed-alien, shooting ensued.. cool FX
* Wait.. last time I check, Janeway phaser is confiscated by Fred, how suddenly she's holding it?
* That another alien turns out to be... a human too. They start shooting fire because they thought they're facing a Briori? FFS, you can't recognize your own species?
* Even if they're too stupid to recognize human in their face and think facing a non-human species, are us (human) depicted to be so voracious that start firing at the first chance suspect something suspicious? Not trying analyze the situation? Not trying to make communication? Heck, human in 20th century already try to contact alien with SETI project in real-world. Braga, is this your view of your own race with 20th-21th century knowledge? What are you smoking when you wrote this? You turn us into another hard-headed-alien just for the sake of action with little sense? SMH!
* Oh gawd! Drinking would kill you one day, and make big-words confession. How bad and more cheesy this can get!

Seeing the city would be nice, but I don't really care about that this point. What I want to know is why the Briori abducted the human from 20th century 70.000 ly away? Why a highly advance civilization need slave? How advanced their technology? Where they come from? Where are they now?

Earhart also so underused here. Mainly for Janeway speech moment, and then reduced to awe-ing the ship.
It stands to reason that if it were real Earhart, no way she's gonna pass a chance travel with spaceship. But I understand that maintaining recurring guest star and practically changing the trek-history and real-world related history maybe a little too much for the writer. It's a little thing that concern me compared to the glaringly buckload HOLE in this episodes anyway.

One thing that I do appreciate in this episodes is :
Consider the offer to stay on the planet and giving the crew freedom to choose. We know pretty much no-one will go (not the main cast), at the very best.. a handful of unnamed-crew (that don't matter anyway). But at least, this advance the overall premise of Voyager that the long-journey home is start taking the toll and the first time Janeway said something to effect 'Starfleet feel so distant now'.

Wow.. I don't realize I'm rambling that long. I just so angry and disappointed such great premise episode with potential to be one of the classic, reduced to entertainment value with cool special effects only, wasted and ruined so badly!

2 (**) star for me


@Skeptical. Interesting notion about that AM band. Reminded me of Carl Sagan, Contact. It is considered that the first transmission powerful enough to break earth ionosfer and leave to outer space is 1936 olympics broadcast, reached 41 countries across the planet, and featuring... Hitler!
While the signal is possible reach hundreds or perhaps thousand of light year, it's considered the signal will be so quiet and the chance of alien race found it is minuscule.
Yeah.. an AM band would be very unlikely for even leaving atmosphere, but hey.. it was interesting and amusing for me ;)
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Tue, Feb 14, 2017, 12:01am (UTC -5)
Re: VOY S1: Learning Curve

Hmm.. Tuvok not very logical here eh..
Why there's only 2 option of : Intergrate to Starfleet or Throw to the brig?. Aren't that mean forcing someone against their will.
They're not voluntarily joining Starfleet didn't they, and as Dalby eloquently put :
"We didn't ask to come aboard this ship. But we understand the situation we in, and we've done the best job we can, and now you're telling us that's not good enough!". Dalby is correct 100% here.

How about relieve them from duty, give them status as guest. They have guest in Voyager. Kes and Neelix are guest, and Starfleet vessel having guest or family member on ship is common. They don't want to follow rule and protocol as crewmember, then it's very simple :
Invoke their status as crewmember, limit their access, authorization, privilege and assign them as guest.
Funny how they help alien and provide guest quarter every now and then for them, but unwilling to do that for their own species, rather : brig-way, or my-way?. It's not like they're running vital job on Voyager, and I'm sure losing 4 crewmember is something they can afford.
You sure being logical here Tuvok?

If later they missed or loss by the reduced privilege and feel up to take the job or more responsibilities, then that's the time to re-integrate and re-trained if needed.

Fine... So they are forced to do it, even Chakotay give medicine of 'Maquis-way' to make sure of that eh. But why the hell take route of 'Drilling Sergeant' and treat them as 'Teenage Cadet'. Effectively humiliating them in front of everyone by running through all the ship? SMH
Maquis as a rebels and underdog never consider retreat as an option? SMH
If I recall, Chakotay run away and retreat from Cardassian into the Badlands.

I was dreading this gonna be boring and predictable as it gets, and hoping I was wrong. Alas, not.. It's as boring as it can get (excessive and long drill training), as predictable as we can expect (encounter problem and both has to adjust), and with classic cliche to wrapped it up (live saving situation lead to understanding of both side).

I swear I saw that coming miles away, that somehow five of them will be in jeopardy situation, have to work as team to save their ass, and Tuvok save them or try sacrifice himself to save the day and come to earn their respect. Of course the sacrifice part would have to be spoilt or we lose a main cast.
I predict a transport to the sickbay by the crew and while Tuvok recuperating, 'The Beaver Family' have their moment there. Well, they made a bit variations of that by making the Maquis saved him back, but not totally surprising.

The only thing I enjoy from this scene is Neelix actually helpful and not be annoyance for once. I appreciate the effort to address the issue of Starfleet-Maquis integration, but if it's done as badly as this one, I think I rather have a holodeck theme or alien-of-the-week.

My favourite line :
"Get the cheese to sick bay"
It's as if they acknowledge the whole episodes is as cheesy as it can get!

Hardly enjoyable.
1.5 star for the effort of stick to the Voyager main premise, and not totally brain-dead
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Mon, Feb 13, 2017, 8:00pm (UTC -5)
Re: VOY S1: Jetrel

I agree for the most part with @Ken, @Skeptical, and @Peremensoe

Why the Doctor didn't demand for prove and explanation of this 'metrimia' disease, then confirm it himself is beyond me. He just settled to roll over and let unknown scientiest take over his job and responsibilities? Even more dubious with the knowledge that the scientistis have questionable past and morale, not to mention the likely of having ulterior motive? That just stretching it.

Janeway welcome Jetrel is an okay, she has a reason to worry about Neelix and Neelix agree she represent him. But let him having a free reign on the ship, without any security precaution, and supervision?
I thought several episodes ago Janeway already give Doctor a way to deactivate himself and to prevent being turn-off by crew (Eye Of The Needle)
Now.... the Doctor can be deactivated even by a non-crew member?
Dumb! Dumb! Dumb!

I'm willing to overlook that flaw as a minor for overall advancement of plot. Sloan did a great job delivering the complex disturb scientiest, and we see Phillips can make really good performance given the chance to do it. The build up working well for the most part and we can relate to Neelix and Jetrel. THATS UNTIL.....

The writer turn Neelix into coward. In a single act, not only Neelix character is getting heavy blow again, its also a huge cop-out for Neelix and Jetrel coming face to face overcome the conflict and get proper resolve.
So now his anger for his family and 300.000 people on his colony died is unjustified?
He is actually angry to himself but not really angry for all that killing?
So now all Neelix have to do is forgive and stop hating himself? Jeeezz!
Kes, go back to your quarter or hydroponics bay.

Whether Neelix a cowardice or not is irrelevant to the issue. That's just ducking and avoiding the issue of what is Neelix view on the cascade/nuclear event.
'Can Neelix overcome/forgive/forget/accept that Nuclear bomb event as a victim?'. That issue is totally cop-out and forgotten with changing it to Neelix forgive himself! Are the writers telling Neelix is not angry with that event and just angry to himself because he done nothing/cowardice? ARRGGGH!!!

The End is absurd. Attempting to bring back to life people already scattered to atomic level? In 15 years time that atom is still preserved the way it is? The body and atomic structure maintain it's property after being vaporized? No further atomic/chemical/physical reaction happen afterwards?
This is like trying to remake completely burned building with material from its rumble, ashes, cloud, and wishing they're in the same precise condition afterwards!
Maybe this is the secret of how Voyager can have new shuttle instantly everytime it's blown to pieces eh? They insta transform it from blown pieces.

Even if we're to allow suspension of disbelief that this is possible. Janeway and Neelix allow it? Huge chance they'll be in deformed, mutilate, mutant form. Do they think the victim will appreciate and thanks for it?

"Maybe the cascade is punishment for all of us?"
Not only Neelix is already forgive himself and Jetrel at the end, but now he's considering it's also his fault! WTF? Talk about over-the-top!
I can't ever imagine the family of Hiroshima/Nagasaki bombing would ever said something like that. Japanese governement, maybe for a political reason.
But the civilian and family of the victim?
Would you tell that to the face of family victim? It's punishment for them!
I wouldn't be suprise if they found that line to be highly insulting!
I do find it's VERY INSULTING.

I think it'll be better if Neelix stick that he dont believe and forgive Jetrel. Jetrel as the 'mad scientiest' desperate to undo some damage goes to the length at what we saw on transporter-scene. After witnessing that, Neelix realize how it's affect Jetrel greatly (physically and mentally), said something along the line that 'He still can't forgive that event and Jetrel, but he understand and don't blame Jetrel personally, and it's time to put it behind and move on'

2 (**) star
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Mon, Feb 13, 2017, 3:31pm (UTC -5)
Re: VOY S1: Faces

Hey... Fun with DNA time?

Well, I don't mind it this time. At least it's not the preposterous de-evolve, mutant, or random genetic change. The Vidiians also have the credibility to do something like that, as they're the most advanced species on medical knowledge we known so far.

Dawson put a great performance. The only minor annoyance for me is why B'ellana-Klingon have to talk that slow? I'm guessing is to put emphasise between the two B'ellana. It certainly made the klingon-side looks a little more dimwit and slow on the uptake, all brawn approach, but a bit too much I think. The timid person of human-side to show the more brain approach is a little more subtle.

It's interesting to note that at the end, B'ellana still can't fully accept the klingon-side of her by saying : "I just have to accept the fact that I'll spend the rest of my life fighting with her". Foreshadowing that this inner-conflict will be a recurring theme of her character development I suppose.

We know Durst is a 'redshirt', so is the dozens crew of original Voyager (Lt.Cmdr Cavit, Lt. Stadi, whole group of medical-crew, etc). But can't they pay respect to the newest loss one of their crew? How is affect to rest of the crew morale? At least give some acknowledgement that the man is exist, and not just be forgotten once his scene time expired (as if he never there).

The Talaxian being forgotten also very annoyed me. Why the show invest considerable scene time with him. Influence, interact, and help main character (Paris, Torres) if he just going to be left and forgotten at the end? The plot can advance just well without him. The actor does a very good job. In 5 mins scene time, he even have more dimensional character than Neelix in all season one so far, all to be scrapped and forgotten.
It seems as if he's never exist after done with his scene time. I wonder what Neelix said if he knew the crew conviniently forgot his fellow race after the Talaxian prisoner help them.

Some conclusion at what happen to the Talax and other prisoner would be nice. If they don't want the Talax and other prisoners to be saved on Voyager, it can easily integrated to script. Lets say give Paris or Chakotay said "We don't have time or resource to help all the prisoners. You know way around here, would you join and try to escape with us?", then kill him in ensuing struggle if they wish, or just mention in the log they drop him in their next colony stop they come across.
Heck.. Just give us some insight of whatever uptake of Voyager crew on this dilemma and affect them, not just forget as they ever exist.

Last. Luckily the prisoner guards is infected with Voyager crew incompetent virus. They can't find a single escapee, they put a console in prisoner barracks for everyone to access, their languange is so easy to translate and decipher (are the universal translator also translate written languange in console?) that a human can easily break it within minutes, they don't put enough guards on high-security lab, etc.

Great character episodes, but lack believable plot and avoid to address some problem on the stories.

3 (***) stars
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Sun, Feb 12, 2017, 4:36pm (UTC -5)
Re: VOY S1: Cathexis

This is also the third time in season 1 we encounter "Anomaly/Phenomenon turn out to be a life-form"

Last, what's the holodeck scene have to do with any of this anyway?
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Sun, Feb 12, 2017, 4:18pm (UTC -5)
Re: VOY S1: Cathexis

I think the idea is decent. But the execution is bad, well... really bad, it's all over the place. The whole crew act like having brain damage and there's airborne idiot virus plaguing on the ship.

* They suspect alien on board, no one suggest making communication/first contact?
* Turn out the 'alien' is Chakotay, well.. it's not really out of character for Chakotay to be dumb and not just say 'Hey... It's Me!. I entered my command code to prove who I am. Get out of that fricking Nebula!'
* Doc, care to explain how brain pattern can be exist in the air? Without actual brain to hold that 'neural pattern', computer device, or anything? That brain/consience whatever can just floating in the air and jump?
* Paris and Torres got possessed, but not suspect anything (you suddenly jump to another place and doing something else), that doesnt make you question yourself? You need Doc to pointing that out using biomolecular scan?
* Doc, thought you have 4 million something medical knowledge and 47 professional medical experience (including McCoy) , but you dont recognize Vulcan Neck Pinch right away. You need Paris to conclude that?
* Aah.. The perfect ensign wandering his mind on urgent senior staff meeting, okay
* No one suggesting to working on group and watch each other back, prevent them from do anything out of ordinary?
* No one suggesting or even try/thinking method how to prevent the alien to 'jump' on them?
* Btw, Tuvok-alien. You manage to incapacitated all bridge crewmember right (the phaser-HAX)? Why dont you just go straight away to the Nebula? Why reviving them back again?
* They finally found (strongly suspect) Tuvok is under alien influence, and scheming all of this, but none safety measures taken before confronting him? How about 'Computer, erect force field surround the tactical station and transfer all the control to Ops station'. Or just stun him, question later!
* Errr.. a Chief Engineer (Torres) don't have authorization to eject warp core? How dumb is that! Of course in later episodes (as it suppose) the chief engineer is able to eject warp core (Day of Honor). I don't recall Geordi ever need to ask authorization from bridge to dump warp core either.
* Gosh.. Chakotay, map using your medicine wagon? Why not just plotting course using one of the panel you can easily acces by posses someone.
* Why can't Chakotay back to his own body in the first place for that matter anyway, he can easily posses anyone but not back to himself? He don't have external injury or any live-threatening condition, aside from 'losing neural-pattern'
* Ah.. yes.. after all that stupidity we still treated with that cliche of saved in the nick of time... awwww, cute!
* BAMM!! The Doc suddenly can put back Chakotay conciousness out of thin air (literally). How Chakotay conciousness can exist in thin air? Ah well... better not question that. But Doc can explain you how to transfer it back to his body, It using a series of technobable that require 10 hours to explain it (yeaaaa... right!)

The absurd and ridiculous is way beyond suspension of disbelief. Only the idea is sound, but the plot and script need to be put in the trashbin.

1 (*) star for avoid be totally offending, and at least have some dumb entertainment value.
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Sun, Feb 12, 2017, 4:48am (UTC -5)
Re: VOY S1: Heroes and Demons

We know it's only a matter of time to get the Doctor show and explore his character.
Since he's a hologram, well.. it just can't be avoided that we get holodock time.

But c'mon, unusual photonic activity phenomenon in protostar? then that photonic is *surprise* a life-form? Don't we have this mistaken 'phenomenon turn out to be life-form' several episodes before (The Cloud). Should I worry using my laptop now? I don't want their photonic emission to my eyes harm them if they turn out to be a life-form.

It doesn't stop there. Kim now in jeopardy because somehow his biological form transform into energy on the holodeck? Suddenly holodeck turn into transporter too? This made an occassional hiccup holo-malfunction of 'safety protocol disabled' looks pretty lame eh...
Oh boy... I feel sorry for Janeway, Torres, Tuvok and Chakotay sprouting nonstop technobable trying to sell this to audience for 15 minutes. They don't even look believe of what they're saying. Paris got more luck, and spared from the technobable by playing Mr. Obvious : 'Send the Doctor'.

Dang it... We know all of this is just excuse for Doc to go to the holodeck, we can see it miles away the moment Kim revealed missing on holodeck. Can't they find a better excuse for that and not using the same mistaken 'phenomenon turn out to be life-form' proceed by 'holo-malfunction'?. If they can't, at least please spare us by minimize the techno-torture and make it brief.. say 5-8 minutes for the prelude.

We're pretty much can guess how it's going to unfold afterwards.
Doc amused by his new found experience, Doc playing along with the holo-stories, Doc encounter some problem, Doc learned something new along the way (safe bet it has something to do with humanity), and then Doc save the day.

I just hope we get something new along the way, a different approach maybe?, or better, completely spoiling what we expect. Naaaah!
Piccardo performed well. As expected, we get some funny remarks and amusing scene, but the guest cast is just horrible, feels like watching high school theater act. What I don't get, is why he have follow-to-the-letter the holo stories? Just interact as you need and move along with your mission, you have 3 missing crew member there, remember?

I suppose Freya 'death' should be a touching moment and made us relate to how the Doc character now progress and starting feel emotion/awareness. But the story progressing so slow and predictable that it become too contrived and cheesy for me.
The two character even only met for few hours at best, but Doc feel attached and painful by the loss? Here is a being that directly dealing and witness some death (even do autopsy if needed) of his fellow crewman in regular basis without so much batting an eyelash. Now suddenly he feel a great loss for some random character he just met? Talk about stretching it. Good thing Piccardo not overdo with his act, almost made me groan.

I'm sorry, there's not much to offer in this episodes for me to enjoy it.
The premise is silly, the execution is predictable and boring, the technobable is dreadful, the guest star is horrible, the character development is contrived and hollow.
It's barely watchable, only Piccardo funny remarks that help a bit, but can't do much for the show demise.

1.5 stars
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Sat, Feb 11, 2017, 11:56pm (UTC -5)
Re: VOY S1: Prime Factors

That's more like it, stick to your premise!
To top it off... Taste your own medicine style. How do you like it if alien 'Prime Directive' get thrown in your face and possibly denying you way to get home much early! Awesome premise.

Too bad the writer didn't dare enough to put Chakotay in direct confrontation.
Seems to me Chakotay purposely omitted from doing it in this episodes, so Janeway don't have to face direct opposition someone challenge her morale.
Tuvok as a Vulcan and Janeway loyalist can't provide that one effective. Chakotay as Maquis and first officer on the other hand is the perfect vehicle (it stands to reason all the Maquis and good chunk of starfleet officer will back him up), He have a very strong ground to bring this matter up directly!

I like to see Janeway answer Chakotay, is her principal alone is worthy throw a mean to get home? is a mere-literature worthy to maintain that principal? It's not even a weapon, or other high-tech technology that has potential to change the power balance... It's pretty much 'harmless' compared to huge potential they'll gain. And as Tuvok pointed out, they not even directly in violation of Federation Prime Directive. It's the dealer who's violating the local-law.

How will Janeway react if Chakotay said something along the line "Half the crew is unsettled you dont budge to your morale principle just for a mere literature. They ask me to do something, some of them is even talk about mutiny". "How if I lifted you of that burden by taking full responsibilities if Federation blaming the decision, I'm an outlaw already anyway, but I will not let a mere literature and your morale principle standing on our way and the whole crew to get home".
I bet the writer gonna have a hard time come up with reasonable answer

Maybe it's a wise decision by the writer for not bringing this up on Chakotay. Instead choose with Tuvok 'taking matters to his hand'. With Tuvok-way, pretty much Janeway is cop-out to take the brunt of big-decision and consequences. It's a no-lose situation for her now, while still has a strong impact on scene because Janeway-Tuvok long standing relation.

If it's working, Janeway will simply reprimand the crew responsible, but everyone know it's not a big deal anyway, if it means they're back home.
If it's not working, Janeway high-horse now is more justified, and she can deliver her 'I believed you, but you let me down', which later become so often and a patented trademark [TM].

Using the planet to power up so they can only use the device while on orbit is a smart plot. Forcing the conspirator to made 'now or never' decision before Tuvok inform Janeway or they can made sufficient test. That plot part is crucial and what made this episode from good to solid strong episodes. Solid performance by all the main and guest cast (bar that creepy Gath), and there's some good character development.
For sure they're not gonna get home and the plan will fail, so we got the first glimpse of that patented talk.

Also a bit of irony/hypocrite/inconsistencies (you pick) that shortly later in the 2nd season Janeway trade with Terorist/Guerilla/Resistance movement on 'Resistance' (I bet it cost way more than a literature), smuggling people on 'Counterpoint', and some other. All the while maintain her high-morale stand in between episodes.

Damn Harry. Couldn't you enjoy the chick first!
Everyone mention that Sikarian chick, but the medical-ensign behind Paris on the opening is also cute!

I'll throw 4 stars if Chakotay thrown into equation too and the focus is more to Janeway dilemma and how it (possibly) affect her character and decision making in the future.

Still and outstanding episodes
3.5 stars
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Sat, Feb 11, 2017, 6:00pm (UTC -5)
Re: VOY S1: Ex Post Facto

Aaah.. I guess with Kirk-Riker-esque personality resemblance for Tom, this one episodes couldn't be avoided.

A federation officer suspected having an affair with the scientist wife, and then killed the scientist. The officer in question also spent time and a night with his fellow officer on the station... i mean the house. The premise almost like a carbon copy to 'A Matter of Perspective'. Well, at least Geordi contribute something to solved the mistery.. while poor Kim just sorta happen to be there..

Good show for Tim Russ, but I don't see any character depth or development here. It just Tuvok show doing his Vulcan-thingy, and it's not even that special given the stupid plot the stories thrown at us.

There are some major issue though :
* No Baneans people notice the symbol-whatever thingy on Paris planted memory? Aren't that memory supposed to be reviewed by the court, police, or whatever justice system for the trial and execution (planting memory)? No one suspect anything?
* Seems sending a message/communication to Numuri is a piece of cake thing, as evidence shown by how easy the Agent/Doctor telling Numuri-patrol the progress of Tom Paris case without anyone know. If sending message is that easy, and the agent/Doctor already have the data. Why goes the trouble of planting it to Tom, then smuggling it the hard way? Just send the data right away via your transmission, you idiot! (And Mr. Vulcan, can't you see how illogical this is?)
* Send a shuttle planted with live amuniton enough to blown space-ship along with your officer is a good idea eh? At first I thought they're going to fool them by faking live-sign and remote the shuttle. Well, I guess they are lucky Tuvok deduction is right that Numuri want Tom huh. Because if it's wrong and Numuri shot the shuttle.. BOOM, Janeway just send two of his officer to their death (not entirely out of character for Janeway anyway)
* The shuttle was boarded on the Numuri vessel cargo bay. Boy, they sure lucky the Numuri people is such an idiot that they don't scan the shuttle beforehand or raise shield right after the shuttle is on their cargobay, so Tom and his side-kick can't be beamed back to Voyager (after all the workhard to get Tom)
* Or maybe Numuri DID raise shield after they got the shuttle. But on this instance (because it was not Kim who operate the transporter?) Voyager can easily get a lock to their officer, maybe even passed through their shield while at it. If that's the case, wouldn't be the last time anyway. We'll have this again on 'Maneuvers' and 'Dragon Teeth'

I'm no dog expert, but was that a chihuahua on the Delta-Quadrant? (sorry, can't help).

The stories are mediocre at best, even barely watchable without the plot hole. Without the hole, it's a 2 star. I take .5 star for the hole and some stupid thing going on.

1.5 star
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Sat, Feb 11, 2017, 2:04pm (UTC -5)
Re: VOY S3: Worst Case Scenario

Kinda a sarcasm write on how Voyager should have taken approach on the 'real' Voyager by the writer eh? Don't have to the extreme of mutiny, but seeing some real friction, Chakotay seriously challange Starfleet idealism, etc on the 'real Voyager'' would be a nice thing to see.

I agree the first part is good, but the pacing is a little slow, also the repetition with Paris is too long. Some of the line are good though and help a little, but I think it could be done in 15 mins instead of 25 mins just to findout it was Tuvok who created the 'holonovel'.

I'm a bit torn about the plot twist of 'Seska taking over'. It was nice to see Seska again, i like her character. She's the only 'intellectual opponent' for Voyager, so it was good to see Hackett back.
Will the real Seska tamper with Tuvok program if she know it? Maybe
Will the real Seska program something like that to Tuvok program?
That's the real problem as many has pointed. Killing Tuvok and Tom is no-use for the real Seska (alive or dead). It's very unlikely Seska will change the program to do something like that.
Seeing as the change is taken sometimes before 'State of The Flux' episodes, which she couldn't possibly know how the event will unfold. The most likely if she found the program and decide to do something with it is :
a) Gathering as much intelligence data.
b) Send a secret comm signal to her allies (Kazon-Nistrim) after the program found she's not on Voyager anymore (the program assumed she's still alive) and on board Kazon vessel.

Will that be more interesting plot twist? I'm not sure either, Kazon is already overdue and uninteresting at this point. But it is painful to see Seska transform into idiot-villain and 'talking-killer'. So either Kazon threat of someway by the program, or Paris-Tuvok collaboration will do better in my view to end this, rather than painful scene of idiot Seska.

"Who says deux ex Machina is an outdated literaly device?" -- Janeway
Don't worry Captain, they listen to you. You'll get plenty of that coming. In fact, right after this episodes you'll have it as one of your crew. A built-in 'Borg knowledge assimilation number xxx' and 'Nanoprobe Magic'. Not to mention a literally plot-armor for series-finale. :D
At ease Captain.....

I'll go for 3 stars if halfway to the end the stories go with proper plot and conclusion. But with Seska turned into dumbed-down-villain, I have to take .5 stars.

2.5 stars for me
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Fri, Feb 10, 2017, 2:06pm (UTC -5)
Re: VOY S3: Before and After

@ George Monet
"The time traveling in this episode was insultingly stupid. This is not how time travel works....... this complete failure by the writers to understand how the time travel would work...."

George. I think you completely spoiled by so many tropes of time-travel stories. Which has usual the usual temporal paradox, timeloop, alternate reality, etc...
In all fairness, no one really know HOW TIME TRAVEL works, it may even be impossible for all we know. It is.. a fiction afterall. So to saying this is not the way its work is.. ignorance on your part.

I'm getting tired of the timetravel tropes for quite a time now. It's awesome on BTTF. It's wonderful on some episodes like 'Yesterday Enterprise' or 'Year of Hell'. But it's also sucks on some episodes because offer little to no explanation and totally confusing with the usual excuse 'effects can precede cause', like the one on 'Time and Again', 'Parallax', 'Relativity' for episodes that dont make sense. Heck, 'Future End' is also fall to that trope, and only kinda work because has strong stories overall, although if you think it further.. still don't make sense!
The idea is beaten to death already to make 'out of the box' episodes so they can kill/destroy/do whatever awesome happen, just to reset it at the end because 'alternate reality', 'timeline reset' or whatever.

For me. This one is BEAUTIFUL for the SIMPLICITY of time-travel stories it's offer. No paradox, no-nonses. Imagine you can go back to the time of your younger self to change future, something that we often dream of. It's as simple of that, no-fuss. You still you, only all the universe around you that change, maybe one episodes that has a little resemblance to this is 'Tapestry'.

The only handicap for this episodes is.. You don't remember your past, because you actually travelling from the future to past, working backward. Your memory now become the future for all the others, while their past is now become your future! It's an idea that not-hard to grasp, and it's worked well here.


"Kes cannot travel backwards in time and enter her younger body because the Kes soul housed in the younger Kes body would still be housed in the younger Kes body."

Why cannot? I explain in the above. The younger will not still be housed. It's changed, replaced!. It's even the most simplest, you still you.. no paradox-fuss!


"It is the chronitons in the old Kes body that are causing the old Kes body to travel back in time. Kes's soul does not have chronitons so would not be able to travel back in time without the body that has the chronitons."

No.. It's the bio-temporal trearment that set the whole motion of travelling backwards through time. For her, she's already got the radiation because 'Kes old' dying moment in bio-temporal bed now become the starting point of 'her-birth'.
Forget the radiation, that's not even matter anymore once the 'travelling backwards' already in motion. The way to stop it is to put her back in bio-temporal to bring back her in sync, the radiation only matter to know the value offset need to administer the dose on bio-temporal.


"We see how time travel would work when old Kes travels back in time to kidnap her younger self and try to smuggle her younger self away. Then that young Kes leaves a message for herself for when she comes back as an old woman."

Fury episodes? I see that one is a messed for the reason I mention early on. Fury has so many plot holes. You believe the younger Kes will still act like nothing happen after she know Janeway would kill her in the future?
That knowledge alone should affect her relationship to many of the crew (may choose to go home early, stop to learn mental-ability, and so so many unfathomable consequences along the way), also affect Janeway and Tuvok as well. Event and timeline SHOULD unfold DIFFERENT afterwards, no way it's still going exactly the way before like nothing ever happen!


"The episode is also self contradictory. When Kes is traveling back, she travels to a point before she is housed inside an empty Kes body that hasn't yet been affected by chroniton particles. This means it is completely impossible for her to continue jumping back any further in time because it is the chronitons that are making her BODY jump. If her body doesn't have chronitons then her body can't jump back in time."

Again, it's not the the chronitons that make her jump and backwards in time. It is the bio-temporal treatment that doing it. The chronitons radiations only the carrier, something like a carrier-virus or latency/dormant-virus on medical. But it's the bio-temporal treatment that trigger that 'virus' to active and set the backwards-time.


Almost all the cast doing excellent job in this episodes, particularly Lien and McNeil. Linnis also a joy to watch. Only Garret Wang--as usual (Harry Kim) and Andrew character who's underperformed.

I enjoy much this episodes even after rewatching. I voted this one of the rare-gems on Voyager.

In retrospect. This episodes could do help 'Fury' a little and put a little sense for her angry. She has reason for it. Because with her early departure and Janeway-Torres alive, she lost her life/family as she know it..
Instead, the writer on 'Fury' choose Kes simply just go senile and nuts. Well, Fury is still a messed stories tough whatever the reason given, and disservice to Kes character.
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