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Mon, Jul 27, 2020, 2:07pm (UTC -5)
Re: DS9 S3: Shakaar

I am 100% convinced that the B-plot was supposed to end with O'brien revealing that he faked his injury, but that it was left on the cutting room floor or changed last minute; not just because of how absurd it is that he'd dislocate his shoulder from grabbing a drink (even with a history of extensive injury), but also because of how much Colm Meaney was hamming it up. It was definitely tongue-in-cheek.

As for the Bajoran situation, putting the plot holes aside (e.g. relying on export in post-scarcity Trekverse, as others have mentioned), what is the point of setting up a Difficult Dilemma™ if you're not gonna play fair with your characterisations? I can buy that Winn would act evil/stupid, but she could at least make an effort to defend herself beyond sinister speeches. Similarly, why would it be beneficial for her to side with Shakaar in the aftermath of everything? Doesn't she have ample ammunition to criticize *him* for the near-civil war and his irresponsible brinkmanship? Not saying that she'd be correct in doing so (although...), just that that kind of populist tactic seems way more in line with her M.O.
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