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Wed, Nov 9, 2016, 9:19pm (UTC -5) | 🔗
Re: BSG S4: Deadlock

Oh man, what a truly terrible episode. Where do I start? Well let's go with character motivations again for once. Yet again, Espenson shows up and completely butchers the characters. The Cylons are all like "Hey, lets go to our base ship and run away" and Tyrol just goes "Sure, why not. Lets blow this joint".

What? Seriously? I mean this guy has been wrestling with his Cylon'ness for a while now. Not comfortable with them, not comfortable with the humans either. Adama gives his rank and position back, he seems like he really cares about fixing the ship and then... poof, fuck the ship, and the repairs, lets just strand all of humanity here in a broken ship that can't jump. No. No way. Completely out of character for him.

Then Adama goes all humanist all of a sudden when it comes to using Cylons and Cylon technology to repair his ship. I mean, excuse me but didn't he just goddamn execute an officer on his bridge who stood up for the fleet when the fleet didn't want Cylon engines? Huh? What is his motivation all of a sudden? He turns hypocrite really quick when it's his own ship. Poor Gaeta's dead body floating through space riddled with Adama's bullets and now Adama turns a 180? Stoooooopid writing.

Also, the timeline makes no sense whatsoever. Ellen was killed months earlier, was resurrected months earlier, but Cavil doesn't decide to dissect her brain until after the final five have been awoken and Tigh is about to have a baby... months after she woke up? Oh, and by the way, he knows all about her even though he's been programmed not to even think about the final five? Then Boomer rescues her and takes her directly to the fleet? I mean.. uhhh, if they know where the fleet is, then why haven't they jumped 50 base stars in and destroyed it. That's a plot hole you could walk a mule through. There's no damn way boomer knows where the fleet it.

Six's baby is unceremoniously dumped by the writer because they have no clue how to plug it into the prophecy. Shitty writing.

Oh Gods, I almost forgot Adama handing Baltar and his cult crates of military spec weapons to defend themselves against the gangs. What? Not a snowballs chance in hell this would ever happen. Adama is entirely too much of a tyrant to allow the civvies that kind of firepower running around on his ship doing his marines jobs for them. I mean, Adama reallllly likes to send his marines in blazing, but this one time he says nope and arms a religious splinter faction that undermines his and Roslins beliefs at every turn?

This entire episode is utter crap. It even makes Black Market look good by comparison. Jane Espenson is a hack.
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Tue, Nov 8, 2016, 11:36pm (UTC -5) | 🔗
Re: BSG S4: The Oath

What I find most fascinating about this show is that over the many years since it came out, I have watched and re-watched the entire show several times. However, as I grow older and my opinions about the world and about how things are run become more solidified, my reaction to the show changes.

Six years ago I thought that Adama and Roslin were the go-to good guys. Always doing whats right, and that Kara Thrace was the coolest hot-shot pilot since Maverick. When he takes back the CiC from that traitor rat Gaeta I cheered.

Now, however, I've really grown to dislike Adama, hate Roslin and despise Kara. The thing is that Gaeta and the rest of the fleet are absolutely right in this situation. It should be the fleets decision whether or not they want Cylon technology implemented on their ships and honestly it should be the civilian governments decision whether to allow the Cylons asylum in the fleet.

Whenever the civilian government doesn't suit them, they abandon it, and whenever it does suit them, they allow them to continue. Adama is a tyrant, plain and simple. He's no different than Castro or Chavez or Stalin. You don't obey his orders? Even if you're a duly elected representative of your people who is supposed to have a say? Well frack you, here come the marines to ensure your cooperation.

Roslin is no better. She uses the military to prop up her rule, never planned to hold elections until forced to, is filled with hate and rage, orders people killed without a second thought. She's a cold, calculating bitch with no love for anyone. Even her love for Adama is, in my opinion, just a way to fully cement her civilian power.

The older I grow, the more I agree with Baltar's message in "My Triumphs, My Mistakes". The elites rule the fleet with an iron fist and they'll never relinquish that control.

Shooting Gaeta at the end of the episode was the final straw for me. Adama forgives and forgive and forgives, including forgiving the cylons for murdering 50 billion humans, but when it comes to Gaeta? Nope. Put him down like a dog because he actually cares about law, order and the right of the civilian fleet to tell the Cylons to take a hike.

Nah, I'm not an Adama fan anymore. The rose tinted glasses are off now.
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Thu, Nov 3, 2016, 9:06pm (UTC -5) | 🔗
Re: BSG S3: Crossroads, Part 2

Personally for me, this is the single best episode of Television ever aired. Lee's speech during Baltar's trial is one of the most moving speeches ever written. By the end of it, I was thinking to myself "Wow, how can everyone, including myself, not see this until Lee expresses it?" and I no longer wanted Baltar to be guilty either.

The rising crescendo of Dylan's Watchtower that leads to, hands down, the most jaw-dropping and satisfying reveal I've ever seen is something that I now wait for in heightened anticipation upon re-watching the series. Tigh's incredulous look sells it so gods damned well along with the Chief's resigned shoulder slumping acknowledgement. Watchtower, it could be said, is the driving song behind the entire series. It's a never ending song that keeps repeating itself which is made clear very early on is what is happening in this universe... ultimately our universe.

Just when I thought that it couldn't get more interesting they put to rest the spiritual debate and simply say "Yes, we've been hinting at it all along, but this isn't your dad's secular future in Star Trek, this is something very very different" by bringing Kara back in the last few seconds. My mind was blown the first time I saw it with senses left reeling. I'm pretty sure I did a fist pump and said "Yes!". But then again, I've been on board with the spiritual aspects of BSG since the miniseries.

I'm not just saying these things immediately after a first viewing. This is the fifth time I've watched the season in it's entirety over the course of five years and I still feel this way today.

All of this glowing stuff being said, I did find some faults. Best episode of TV or not, there are things that, after repeated viewings, stick with me as disingenuous later. For one, Adama tells the president how he voted and reasons that, despite Baltar's crimes, one of which is aiding in the genocide of humanity, that they should be looking forward and not backwards. Contrast that to how he treats Lt. Gaeta and Zarak in season 4 after the failed coup. That statement sits hollow and empty in the back of my brain when the words leave his mouth. If Baltar can be forgiven for Genocide, then can they not find forgiveness for Gaeta who was acting on genuine core values that he holds, whereas Baltar is a cowardly leaf in the wind, easily blown wherever there's the least danger to his life.

Finally, a lot of people in this thread keep saying that the writers are just making up crap as they go, but I don't get that sense at all. I get the sense that there has always been a skeleton framework of big plot points from the beginning to the end. Sure, individual writers added elements here and there, some very out of character stuff in fact (thank you Espenson.. ugh), but overall I feel like the story traveled along it's trajectory exactly as planned.
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Sat, Oct 29, 2016, 8:15pm (UTC -5) | 🔗
Re: BSG S3: The Passage

I honestly never cared for Starbuck during the entire run of this show. The character Kara Thrace, not Katee, who did a great job doing what was asked of her. It was this moment in particular, however, that really made me want to see her die off.

Treating Kat like trash because of something she did before the war, and not for the incredible person she became after the war was just the last damn straw with me. It felt childish and infantile. "You're a better pilot now Kat, so I'm going to nail you to the wall about past shit that doesn't matter until you feel so bad that you kill yourself".

I get it. The writers want to create conflict in order to have DRAMA, but in this case, this was the wrong conflict to create.

That being said, this episode was full of golden moments like Tigh coming back to the CIC and his perfect response to the cheering. The paper joke that had me laughing as hard as they were.

The thing that the writers get so right on this show are the moments of true, unforced humanity. When it comes to forcing additional DRAMA into an episode, though, they flop that so hard that it's like watching a sumo wrestler land belly first from the high dive at the Olympics.
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