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Thu, Aug 22, 2013, 11:58am (UTC -6)
Re: Star Trek Into Darkness

Here are some quotes from another forum that are in line with my thoughts:

Regarding the complaint that STID copied TWOK: "This point still annoys me. Into Darkness is not a copy of Wrath of Khan. It happens to use a villain that was used in a previous incarnation of the franchise, just like Dark Knight used Joker, Superman II, IV, and Returns used Luthor. It shares almost nothing with Wrath of Khan except an homage-ish moment at the end. It actually has more in common with Space Seed, in that Khan is discovered in the Botany Bay, is revived, and proves to have an agenda.

Plot points from Wrath of Khan NOT in Into Darkness: Khan is not seeking revenge against Kirk, Carol Marcus is not an old lover, Kirk does not have a son, there is no Genesis device, there is no Genesis planet, Spock doesn't die, there is no Reliant, none of Khan's crew are revived. There are certainly other things the two movies don't share.

Stop calling this movie a copy of anything. Hate if you want to, but at least be honest about why you don't like it. Stop following the herd of old trekkies who can't face that time moves on. Actors change, movies change, franchises change, tastes change. A lot of people, judging from box office, feel like Into Darkness got more right than wrong."

Regarding the convention vote that STID is the worst trek film: "Trekkies need to get over themselves! Seriously! It's a movie for crying out loud, and yes Wrath of Khan is one of the greatest trek movies ever made, but I would put Undiscovered Country over that one anytime.

JJ's Trek, is a totally different movie series all together. It's a fresh take, and has a broader appeal to market the general audience. Compare box office results with any of the original Trek movies and you will find this to be factually true.

It's a general fact that there are two types of audiences: the cerebral audience, that makes up about 10 to 20 percent of the population, and then everyone else, who is considered the general Population. Now these people are not considered stupid by the film industry, but they are the people who just want to go to the movies and lose themselves in a good time. Deep plots and inward thinking is not something they are looking for after working a hard job all day. They are looking to relax and check their brain at the door.

If Trekkies can't accept the way things are then they just need to sit in their houses and watch the old DVD's. But seriously, they need to stop the wining. It's not going to get their version of Trek back, as Paramount is clearly listening to the general audience and not them."
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