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Wed, Sep 21, 2016, 9:43am (UTC -5)
Re: DS9 S2: Paradise

Aside from this ep's other replete weaknesses : If Sisko and O'Brien (or any other visitors capable of leaving) had never come, how was she supposed to spread her Hakuna Matata across the stars? Books sitting on a space Gilligan's Island aren't hooked to wi-fi--especially there.

Rule Of Trek and Walking Dead - if someone too quickly and unsolicited starts telling you their comprehensive philosophy about Life and The World--shoot them now!
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Wed, Sep 21, 2016, 9:24am (UTC -5)
Re: TNG S4: Half a Life

I can understand and even applaud not wanting to rework the cultures of others to suit your own ideas, but there's still a few problems I have here :

1 - The Kaelons are supposed to be an insular culture, hence why no one knew about this ritual. Could it be a major reason why they're so insular is that they more or less know others will not approve of The Resolution?

2 - Could keeping themselves so insular be a major reason they have less tech to save their star and less room and resources to provide, such as are found on newly explored worlds?

3 - Didn't they say the Resolution went back a ways, at least a couple of centuries? Even so isolated, their tech and knowledge of aging must have made a different age for 'start of the decline' than 60 or whereabouts? Hell, McCoy at near-140 showed up in the pilot, and he looked like the 'how long is too long' question might be brought up - just never in earshot. Yeah, that's our culture, and UFP tech. But this was never subject to re-evaluation? Again, I can't help but feel if The Great Prophet Zonk had made up the resolution, Picard would have a few things to say.

4 - Instead of the 'warship fleet for one person' trope replay, have it be that Kaelon, fearing cultural contamination, breaks off all contact unless Timicin comes back. Lxwana wants him to keep working, find a way to save their star and shove it down their throats, but Timicin fears the isolationist strain in his culture taking hold, and so goes back with the proviso that a team of young Kaelons are sent to Starfleet Academy.

Again, I get the impression that the powers on Kaelon knew the rest of the galaxy would react this way, hence the automatic nature of the slam-down. It almost makes me wonder if they have had 'uprisings' before.
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Thu, Nov 7, 2013, 12:33pm (UTC -5)
Re: TNG S1: When the Bough Breaks

The thing that bothers me here also bothered me in DS9 S2's Paradise - the lack of fury. Civilized people or no, not only was this kidnapping, but they did something every kid knows to try and avoid - taking something after you were told you couldn't have it. A simple line like this could have aided the weak story.

Picard : Understand that you are forgiven, but that this is far from forgotten. The time may come that you regain the knowledge of your ancestors, and perhaps even perfect your cloak against harming you. But take this as a given : However well hidden you once more become, Aldea will be watched, and a repeat of this loathsome tactic will not go well for you. Read that however you see fit.

No vengeance. Just some blatantly stated displeasure, if only for the 'angry-at-you-for-not-giving-up-the-kids-to-start-with' spoiled brat attitude. I think a sad relic for TNG of S1 was this idea that you can never ever take jerks to task, even verbally.
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