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Wed, Aug 7, 2013, 1:21am (UTC -6)
Re: Star Trek Into Darkness

Jeez - closet Trekking in Tennessee. I feel for you, man.

Brilliant observation about age, MSN. But of course you forget Roddenberry's lone experiment with a "younger" generation - which came well after TWOK. God, what a miserable failure that was.

I refer, of course, to little Wesley Crusher, the disowned Brady boy in the tight-fitting jumpsuit. If what we're doing here is comparing "coming of age stories," I think you may have me against the ropes on this one. There can be no question that Pine, Quinto and company are leagues more watchable than Will Wheaton could have ever dreamt of being. (Of course, Jake and Nog deserve a nod on that score as well, but rest assured, your point is taken.)

But now we're back to the issue of what genre Trek is supposed to be in the end, and my vote is still for "science fiction." It's not like genres can't mix. "Coming of age" doesn't all have to be straightforward Karate Kid/Stand by Me-style realism. What was the Luke Skywalker storyline if not "coming of age?" Or Harry Potter, for that matter? And good Sci-Fi generally SHOULD bleed over to other forms, and in fact is always best when it does.

But where's the Sci-Fi in STID? That stuff about the dangers of genetic engineering isn't really going to cut it - it feels badly overused and hackneyed in this film. The only thing that gives me hope here is the promise they make at the end about an upcoming five-year mission - you know, seeking out new life etc.?

I'm still waiting for it, but at least they said it was coming.
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